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People sell their houses due to various reasons. One reason is the increasing family size and the need for a bigger living space. This is true, especially to first-time buyers, since they outgrow their homes as their family grows bigger. Other people sell their houses due to financial reasons. When people’s careers prosper, and they can afford a more significant and expensive home that they dreamt of, they will opt to do so.

Some individuals also decide to sell their houses due to work-related reasons. If one of the family members needs to relocate for work, then there is no other option but to sell the house and buy a new one where work is located. If you own a home that is a fixer-upper, you must be thinking of trying to fix it, or would it be best to leave it in that condition?

It is a very confusing decision because both have their pros and cons. If you choose the former, then you must ask how to sell a house that needs work? Let’s educate ourselves and see what the best decision to make.

Selling a Fixer-Upper Home

The ultimate question when you try to sell a fixer-upper is if someone is willing to buy it in that condition? You have to know your market before selling, including properties like houses.

Some buyers would still purchase a fixer-upper, but only if the fixes needed are just minor. These buyers are the ones who can’t afford to buy an expensive home. Property resellers will also be one of your possible clients since they purchase houses in poor condition to renovate it and sell it at a much higher price.

Buyers of fixer-uppers will ask for a discount so that they will have extra cash for the repairs. And as the renovation is ongoing, they will ask for another refund if they will stumble upon an inconvenience.

It is intimidating to put your house in the market with a condition like this. But not everyone can give their home an upgrade or even fix it a little bit. It is not always wise to do a lot of work on your house before selling it. Also, a new countertop or a new floor is not necessary. This is because the new inhabitant might take it out and replace it.

In selling your fixer-upper, first, you should familiarize your market. Look out for flippers, remodelers, and deal hunters. This pool of buyers is your market. Flippers are the top buyer for fixer-uppers. They will purchase the property at a low price through auctions, and if they get the house, they will renovate it and sell it at a much higher price.

If a flipper shows interest in your property, you should contact a real estate agent and know the exact value of your property. Your next buyer will be the deal hunters. These people are willing to buy a fixer-upper just because it sits in a neighbourhood that they want to live in.

Deal hunters also want to buy fixer-uppers because they have the opportunity to upgrade the property. The third potential buyers are the remodeler. Remodelers have the money but failed to find a property within the area that they wanted. They would be happy to purchase your property even if it’s a fixer-upper.

Renovating Your House Before Selling

It is always up to you if you opt for renovation before you sell your house. It will be sold in the blink of an eye, mainly if your property is located in a prime area. Presenting a property with an excellent condition in the marketplace will double your chance of selling it at a perfect price.

It is an excellent idea to renovate before selling, but remember not to overspend on your renovations. Remember that you are going to sell your property, so just cut down a bit on your renovation budget.

A few fixes here and there would be enough. Do not spend more than the value of your property. Plan your renovation carefully and set a budget for it. And never go over your budget.

When planning the renovation, you should consider what your potential buyers want. Set a target market and renovate according to what these buyers may like to see in a property. By doing so, the renovation you are going to do will not go to waste. Some buyers would alter the whole renovation when they get hold of the property.


Both are the right decisions when selling a property because whatever it is, there will always be a buyer. Just study the market and weigh your options carefully. If you have the money, then go and fix your property before selling it, but if you don’t, then sell it as is.

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