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The Brits have an innate love for history and antiquity. This makes pre-owned estate one of the top picks for many residing in the United Kingdom.

But the recent trend has shown a massive increase in the registration of new houses and builds since 2018. As time progresses, so are the tastes and preferences for modern-built and aesthetically-pleasing estate.

According to data released by the National House Building Council (NHBC), newly registered homes amounted to 43,000, which is the highest figure in newly built housing since the global financial crisis. Government aids and funding also capacitated many to avail new builds and equity.

Even the governments are imposing policies and outreach programs to assist the population to afford to have brand new homes. New build homes in London are now gaining more traction by the day as they should be, given the amazing benefits and convenience that they provide.

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What Does It Mean to Purchase New Builds?

Definitions of New Builds vary in countries across the globe, according to its terms, time of establishment, and timespan between when estates are built and purchased by clients.

Generally speaking, new builds are houses or buildings that are constructed and erected recently. There are no previous owners of these kinds of estates, and they are often built in a community composed of new homes as well. 

What Are the Benefits of Buying New Builds?

New builds are steadily gaining popularity globally, the UK population included. The development of times and technology have also shifted the priorities of people when choosing and building their own homes. Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy upon availing newly built estates.

Everything Is Brand New

There’s something special when you know you will be the first one to use something — especially when it comes to your very own house! Being the first to occupy a house or a building gives you more freedom in customising and designing the place to your liking.

There is a saying that nothing beats your first. Well, nothing does beat the smell of a newly erected facility, and the feel of brand new furniture and amenities. You are guaranteed to feel a greater sense of belongingness in new builds because it started with you.

Modern Facilities for Greater Efficiency

Living in new builds also guarantees you of high-quality base and foundation materials. With state-of-the-art materials, buyers can avoid the threat of a shaky and unstable residence, and be ensured of a safe and sturdy home as it should be.

From a high-standard baseline, comes modern amenities that are of great efficiency. Plumbing, wiring, and power points are from the latest specifications that promise security in usage, and efficiency. They do not consume too much of your monthly bills, unlike old amenities offered by existing or pre-owned houses.

As an example, most new builds rely on PEX plumbing that allows for lower water usage and faster transfer of hot water to the source. These kinds of contemporary housing amenities are renowned for their reliability, durability, and less expensive repairs.

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Life-Saving Warranty

Speaking of repairs, you might not need one for a long time since NHBC provides a 10-year warranty to developers who comply with their standards. No need to spend a single euro for repairs because the warranty already covers everything from structural to appliances.

Warranties for appliances and other facilities vary and are usually dated for at least two years. Rest assured that there reliable, penniless warranty in your times of need.

Low Maintenance Especially in Early Years

The warranty is certainly a plus. Then again, it might take a while before you can use it since all parts of your newly-built house is brand new and in their best shapes and condition.

Thus, you can expect low maintenance, especially in your early years of residence. This is also because of the functional utility and efficiency offered by new appliances and amenities.

Cutting-Edge Housing Technology

Residents are getting more tech-savvy when it comes to their homes. According to statistics, 15 million smart houses have already been erected in Britain, as 45% of house owners are also planning to upgrade their houses to experience the latest housing technology.

Adults often prefer smart houses because they are known to save energy and improve house security. There is convenience in all-around house surveillance and control of functions (i.e. turning lights on and off).

Just Plainly Beautiful Architecture and Design

All items listed above are beneficial, no doubt. But at the end of the day, the number one criteria in choosing a house would be its aesthetics and design. There is excitement in living in a beautifully constructed home, including a glamorous exterior, and functional interior design.

What to Watch Out For

Now you know the perks of new builds, it’s best to know also which considerations to prioritize when choosing one:

  • Reputable developer

  • Fair service charges

  • Comfortable house size. 

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