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According to recent estimates, there are over 2.6 million Landlords in the UK. That’s roughly one out of 40 people who own a property with to let out. From defaulting tenants to property destruction there are many gripes from being a landlord. One of the most common yet underdiscussed problems is the tenant change of address process. When tenants change address, their accounts don’t change automatically with them. This can create a whole host of annoying problems for landlords, from junk mail to unanswered bills.

We’ll cover exactly how landlords can manage the tenant change of address to reduce admin, save time and create a positive moving experience

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The better way to manage a tenant change of address

When a tenant leaves a property the landlord must update inform suppliers such a council tax, energy, tv licencing and water & sewerage providers. This can take around 4 hours to do and can be a massive time constraint. However, this problem has become a think of the past thanks to new relocation technology. Landlords can now use SlothMove, an online change of address website.

What does SlothMove do?

SlothMove enables home movers to update their address across multiple providers at the same time. SlothMove works hundreds of different businesses, enabling tenants to update their address with everyone. SlothMove helps home movers update hundreds of accounts from council tax, HMRC and NHS to loyalty cards and charities. As a landlord, updating the local council, energy and water providers are most important.

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How does the address change system work?

Landlords can pass SlothMove onto their exiting or joining tenants to complete. The tenant enters onto the website and enters their new and previous postcode. From this, SlothMove will automatically identify who their new and previous council tax and water providers are. Tenants can then, at a click of a button, update, setup or close those accounts. Tenants only need to do this if they are responsible for the bills. Tenants will then be able to update their address across other providers. For instance, SlothMove is directly integrated with the water industry and processes those updated automatically.

What do I need to do as a landlord?

Most landlords will be familiar with the legal requirements expected of them. From fire safety & Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) to gas and electricity safety, there is a lot to juggle. Alongside this, as we have explored, there are also administrative requirements which need to be completed. For instance, this can cause a lot of administrative headaches with cross-billing and overlapping billing for tenants that don’t even live there anymore. We also have data protection requirements to consider which can confound the issue even further. Ideally, as a landlord you’d like your tenant to shut down their accounts when move home and setup when they move in.

For some landlords, this might not be as much of problem as it is managed by their estate agents. We know from research that 52% of landlords don’t use estate agents and manage the entire process themselves. For that population it’s prudent to explore new technologies to help minimise any hassle – especially during the management and tenant address change process.

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