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When considering another tool for video conferencing, we estimate the value of each feature. Unfortunately, it often occurs we pay for many things we do not use, but it's necessary to have access to other indispensable functions. But with iMind, you are released from such issues – that’s why it’s considered the top video conferencing tool for companies.


What features does iMind offer?

A set of features characteristic of iMind provides comfortable remote communication at any business level. It includes:

  • easy and comfortable interface allowing to create and connect the conferences without hassle;

  • free plan and its limitless period of use;

  • high quality of video and sound (you can use advantages of SD to HD quality; as for the sound features, there is a function of background noise elimination working by default);

  • the universality of use in a browser or through the application (it makes launching from your smartphone possible);

  • recording the calls (limitless for no charge, becomes available to record multiple at a time in Pro subscription);

  • applying chat for business in advanced payable options (they give much more freedom than free usage does).

You can get acquainted with the full list on iMind.com.

Why is iMind one of the UK's best platforms for video conferencing?

The baseline thing distinguishing iMind from other similar video conferencing platforms is its simplicity and versatility. For example, you won’t have any trouble handling the group call for some lesson; meanwhile, the tool is convenient for use by teams to have regular and special meetings. To join the conference, just use the link; to talk to a person in a comfortable setting (regarding the parameters of your appliances and surrounding circumstances), you can set the volume of attendees and control the situation in general. It allows for better organization, highly appreciated in the United Kingdom and other countries.

The first steps with iMind

It’s simple to start working on the tool. You have to:

  1. Go to the official web page.

  2. Enter your account.

  3. Click “Create a room”.

  4. Write the name of a conference room.

  5. Get the link.

  6. Share it with your workmates.

They will only need to follow it, and thus you can begin a conference fast and easily.

Which iMind plan is best for you?

To realize better, which plan suits your case better, look at all four variations:

  • The free usage allows for limited room creation and up to a hundred participants to invite. It suggests all the default functions available (like screen sharing by several people at once or noise suppression). It’s perfect for individual occupations where teams are almost not involved.

  • The Pro plan has more extended functionality. For example, it allows for online chat use or simultaneous conference recording. It is suggested for small teams to use.

  • A Business subscription provides even more considerable scope and a more personalized approach to a customer. Perfect for small businesses.

  • An Enterprise plan allows for a maximum capacity of a solution.

To get a clearer vision, consult the sales dep, and they will help you choose the best option to solve your tasks.

What do reviews on iMind show?

To learn more personalized experience, you can visit the G2 website. The iMind reviews indicate the solution is perfect for professional use, and even though some inconveniences may happen, the overall experience leaves a good impression.

The main point about iMind is that this platform is a golden mean between the maximum we want to have and a realistic vision of reasonable sufficiency. Try it by yourself to see and feel the difference!

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