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Interview of Christopher Merriman
Written by the Landlord Today team
Christopher Merriman, Land and Planning Director at Intro Crowd

What does it say on your business card?

Christopher Merriman, Land and Planning Director at Intro Crowd

Who are Intro Crowd?


Intro Crowd are strategic land specialists. We’re a crowdfunding platform that combines land development projects with the chance for investors to buy a share in them. We offer experienced investors the chance to join our crowdfunding platform at attractive entry levels. Through the use of innovative crowdfunding, multiple investors can engage with a new and much needed opportunity in land development.

What is your role in the business?

I am a chartered surveyor and specialise in property development. Having run my own development business, my expertise and background lies in buying and selling land as well as the promotion of strategic land. I have formed strong relationships with agents, land owners and house builders and am able to capitalise on the contacts I have for Intro Crowd investors. Over the last decade I have worked on 40 successful consents that have resulted in the creation of over 3,000 homes.

How long have Intro Crowd been trading?

Intro Crowd has been trading for over a year. It is not a stand-alone start up but has been brought together by an exceptional board of directors who have complementary, proven expertise in land development. These include CEO and Founder Gregory Baker, who also owns several financial services businesses and a non-executive director, Anthony Davies, who is a leading authority on regulation and compliance. Intro Crowd is an Appointed Representative of Sapia Partners LLP, a firm authorised and regulated by the FCA

What are the benefits of investing in crowd funding for strategic land?

Entry level is a relatively low at £1500, with further increments of £500. Shares in a limited company mean that you own a share in part of the land, proportional to the amount you invest; this prevents the breakup of land into unsellable parcels.

Through the use of innovative crowdfunding, multiple investors can engage with a new and much needed opportunity in land development.

What active sites do you currently have?

We currently have a site at Cam, in Gloucestershire which is about to reach full investment. We will be launching several new sites for investment in the next month.

How do you create value for your clients?

Sites are selected for their maximum potential to get planning permission and we generally discard sites that have restrictions for future development. All sites chosen for crowdfunding can be seen on the Intro Crowd website, where a drone flies over each development to highlight its potential.

What are the risks?

Investors are always made aware that although there is significant opportunity for a return on investment, the capital is at risk and should be seen at part of a diversified portfolio.

Why choose to invest with Intro Crowd?

Intro Crowd utilise the specialist knowledge of an in-house team and external property partners to seek out sites adjacent to towns experiencing a high growth population. These offer the best potential for returns, through the granting of planning permission and subsequent sale.

For more information on sites and how to invest please visit www.introcrowd.com or do call us on (0) 20 7118 4040.

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