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Interview of Alec Chohan
Written by the Landlord Today team
Alec Chohan, Senior Finance Broker at Newable Finance

Who are you?

My Name is Alec Chohan, and I am a senior finance broker within the Newable Finance team based in London. I have been in the intermediary market for the last 6 years and approximately 20 years working for the major banks within property investment and development.

What does it say on your business card?


Senior Property Finance Broker for Newable Finance

What is Newable Finance?

Newable Finance is a brokerage on a mission to help landlords get the best financial advice and service. With whole of market access, we source all types of finance for property professionals from 150+ lenders on the market. Newable Finance is part of the Newable Group, established in 1942, who supports 43,000 businesses a year through the provision of Money, Advice and Workspace.

How do you help landlords and property investors?

I work with landlords and investors to source the most competitive and appropriate terms on the market. I work with my client right from the beginning of their journey providing free and independent advice, right until the end of the journey and beyond. I take the time to find out the specific requirements of my client, find a suitable lender and attain the most competitive offer on the market, ensuring the transaction progresses as seamlessly as possible!

What services do you provide?

We provide free and independent advice to property professionals.

We source EPC Finance, bridging loans, commercial mortgages, btl mortgages, development finance and more from 150+ lenders.

No fee charged unless we successfully source you finance.

Why should landlords use Newable Finance?

Our Newable Finance team are ideally positioned to help, we provide EPC funding to help landlords like you refurbish their properties to ensure you beat the deadline. With the lack of skilled labour in the market, and the increasing cost of borrowing, our specialist advisors can find you the most competitive deal on the market from a range of finance solutions. Once you have refurbished your property, we can advise you on an exit strategy, and source you a Green Mortgage, which is much cheaper than a traditional buy to let mortgage.

  • We provide outstanding levels of client service, 24/7.

  • With combined experience of 300 years, our advisory team will work with you to find the best finance for your needs, providing advice on your portfolio.

  • With our quick finance, outstanding communication and free independent advice, you can trust us to get you the most competitive deal on the market.

What is your greatest achievement in your current role and what made it so special?

Seeing customers achieve their objectives and aspirations and knowing that I have helped to achieve them. What’s even better is when clients come back to me to assist on subsequent deals as well as referring other clients to me. This is what makes what we do so rewarding and special.

What is the most satisfying part of your job?

Seeing transactions complete and  the appreciation and gratitude shown by the clients. This is reinforced by further business from them and the introductions that they make. At Newable Finance we are keen to find out what our clients think about us, so seeing our 5 star ratings and testimonials on Trustpilot makes us feel great! You can see the reviews here: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/newable.co.uk

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing landlords at the moment?

Rising interest rates alongside rising property prices means landlords need larger deposits for purchases. This means landlords will need more money to be put aside for debt servicing which leads to a reduced Return on Investment (R.O.I). This is in addition to the various changes in government legislation in regulating this part of the market.

What is your property prediction for the next 12 months

I foresee increased rates continue to rise, together with increases in property prices. This could deter new investors coming into the market and existing investors may look into other areas of the market, which could provide higher returns/yields, like HMO’s and commercial assets.

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