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Generation Rent appeals for crowdfunding contributions

Campaign group Generation Rent has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise £60,000 to keep the organisation going.

The crowdfunding push follows an unexpected funding cut which jeopardises the organisation’s future beyond September.

Generation Rent has been funded since January 2014 and launched two months later. Since then it has pushed renters’ rights and rent control up the political agenda and campaigned for a ban on revenge evictions, letting agent regulation and cuts to landlord tax breaks.


The group says its work is “far from over”. The funding was originally due to run out in spring 2016 and the campaign is already applying for grant funding elsewhere.

Generation Rent is trying to raise £60,000 by 31 August on crowdfunding platform People’s Republic. If it fails to do so it will have to lay off all staff and will cease to function. It has been seeking donations from organisational partners and has already received a pledge of £5,000.

The money, if raised, will enable Generation Rent to continue its work putting pressure on Parliament, London Mayoral candidates and local government to improve conditions for renters, while securing grant funding to keep it running beyond next spring.

Betsy Dillner, director of Generation Rent, said: “This cut has come as a shock and our young campaign is now facing oblivion. Without us, private renters will no longer have a national voice in the media and political debate, and their prospect of a rented sector that works for them will ebb away. The housing crisis is not going away anytime soon, but with the generosity of the public, neither will Generation Rent.”

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  • John Corey

    The reality of funding, housing or campaign groups, is something Generation Rent needs to think really hard about. While I agree with the high level concerns about a lack of housing, the positions advocated by the group do not actually deal with the root problems. If the group was to die, I am not sure there would be a significant impact. Solving the wrong problem is not a good use of money. Less so if the money comes from taxpayers (government grants). If private individuals want to fund a cause, flawed or now, so be it. Crowdfunding is a good solution even for bad ideas.

  • icon

    I agree with Mr Corey, and would add that politicising housing for the sake of gaining votes for one party or another is plain wrong and isn't going to help anyone. Housing needs a common sense approach to help people rent or get on the ladder AND more help LAs enforce against bad landlords. Further legislation to ban use of leasehold is needed, use commonhold 2002 tenure for new build and access to law by leaseholders and tenants.


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