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Landlords in Wales to 'Rent Smart' from the Autumn

The Welsh Government has launched the ‘Rent Smart Wales’ brand ahead of introducing licensing of all private landlords in the Autumn. However, there is still no confirmation of the date from which the scheme will be live.

Welsh Housing Minister, Lesley Griffiths, said: “We know approximately 184,000 homes in Wales – around one in seven – are now privately rented. With so many people renting, a strong sector with good working practices is absolutely essential.

“The new legislation we are introducing will not only improve the situation for tenants – informing them of their rights and responsibilities – it will also help good landlords by improving the sector’s reputation.

“When Rent Smart Wales is introduced this autumn, it will provide a simple way for landlords to register and for them and their agents to become licensed. Ahead of the changes, I encourage landlords and agents to subscribe to register their interest and to receive useful news and updates.”

The scheme will require landlords to register their properties and undertake training to obtain a licence, should they wish to self-manage. Letting and management agents will also be required to become licensed and may take on management of properties if landlords do not wish to become licensed themselves.

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  • Bill Wood

    Sounds good, especially the training bit.
    Paying for training, rather than paying for a licence, would certainly be acceptable to me.
    I've been in the business for 15 years, but there are still things I should know but don't, and of course things are changing all the time.
    Bill Wood

  • icon

    Well said Bill - at least they are offering something in exchange for licensing.

  • David Wreathall

    I'm impressed that they're not forcing landlords to become licensed if they use professional managing agents. This is sensible, and encourages higher standards without suggesting that it's just a money
    making scheme. If anything similar comes in within England, I hope it will follow the same model.

  • Kenny Sahota

    Training can surely only be a positive thing, especially in the fast-paced industry we're in. I wonder if this will be implemented in England too?

  • Bill Wood

    I wonder if there are actually any worthwhile training course available now? Does anyone know?


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