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Room for improvement on safety issues, say tenants

New research from AXA Business Insurance has challenged the stereotype of terrible tenants and penny-pinching landlords but found there’s still room for improvement when it comes to safety and security in tenant’s home.

Almost one in three (59%) tenants surveyed by AXA said they believe they pay a “fair price” in rent and almost half (48%) said they have a good or very good relationship with their landlord.

Only 6% of tenants feel their relationship with their landlord is bad or very bad, and while the survey showed that goodwill and acts of kindness are common between property owners and the people who rent from them, it also highlighted significant room for improvement when it comes to safety and security.


Some 43% of landlords have failed to arrange the legally required annual gas safety check, 54% have neglected to install a fire alarm, 68% have not organised an annual electrical safety inspection, and 71% have not organised a carbon monoxide alarm.

In addition, 74% of landlords have failed to put locks on all external windows and doors and 78% of landlords have not arranged a door chain or spyhole to keep their tenants secure.

Darrell Sansom, managing director at AXA Business Insurance, said: “There’s clearly a lot of good-will between landlords and their tenants and our research shows that rental home horror stories and negative stereotypes are few and far between.

“Good relationships are built on trust and teamwork but it’s also important to remember that as a landlord you do have an extra duty of care, a legal responsibility for gas, electrical and fire safety and an obligation to protect yourself and your tenant – so it’s important that you understand all of your responsibilities and double check you have done everything necessary to protect both people and property.”

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  • Kenny Sahota

    Good to read some positive press about the landlord-tenant relationship as often they can get along swimmingly! Almost 50% claiming they have a good or very good relationship is excellent news!

  • icon

    No-one mentions fact that most owners have none of these in their own homes.
    It is illegal to gas tenants,but your family can be gased,electrocuted,fried,beaten up,etc without legal action.
    Is there not scope for triennial inspections of homes to see everyone has smoke detectors fitted,etc
    Or even a one off inspection.You have MOT for cars,essentially to make safe,all motor cyclists wear crash hats,and some cyclists.
    I have not come across electrical tests throwing up issues in rented properties,including holiday-lets,and workplaces,but no doubt some owners do their own electrics.Your views welcome.


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