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Students twice as likely to lose part of tenancy deposits

Student tenants are almost twice as likely as other tenants to lose part of their deposit, according to the Deposit Protection Service (DPS). 

The DPS, one of three government-approved tenancy deposit protection schemes, reports that just 28% of students receive 90% or more of their deposit at the end of a tenancy, compared to 57% of other tenants.

The organisation says that the need to clean a property at the end of a tenancy is the most common reason for landlords making deductions to students' deposits. 


This is followed by repairs, redecoration and the replacement of lost or damaged items.

“Students must be aware of their responsibilities as tenants and act accordingly throughout their tenancy – or risk losing money when they move out,” says Julian Foster, managing director at the DPS.

“Deposit protection means both landlords and tenants can have peace of mind that the money is safe – and that there is a free, impartial adjudication service if the tenancy ends in a dispute.”

He urges tenants to make sure that their deposit is protected and advises them to check household inventories and communicate regularly with their landlord. 

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    Will always deduct for not leaving property as it was per Inventory which all tenants Must sign for on each page. Last tenant to leave had £60 deducted for clean. Simple rules which all tenants accept or dont get tenancy. Also as a professional LL carry out 3 monthly Inspections and one a couple of weeks before tenants are due to leave reminding them what they have to do.


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