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Buy-to-let tax changes could be catalyst for a ‘major price correction’

Residential property prices could be on the verge of falling sharply largely because of the government’s buy-to-let tax changes, according the head of Landlord Mortgages.

The changes to stamp duty, tax relief and new tougher mortgage application rules could make it harder to make a profit from letting property, which in turn could deter investment in the sector and drive home prices down. 

Aside from the extra 3% stamp duty surcharge, the amount landlords can claim in mortgage interest relief will be limited to 20% from 2017, which will eat into many landlords’ rental returns, especially higher and additional rate taxpayers, making buy-to-let a far less attractive proposition.


Lee Grandin of Landlord Mortgages accepts that no one can call when a market bubble will burst, but believes that the buy-to-let tax changes could be a catalyst for a "major price correction".

He told the press: "If commentators are stating the property market is overvalued then the sudden supply of property post buy-to-let tax changes could well be the catalyst for a major price correction."

Grandin added: "It was never going to be politically acceptable or sustainable to have Tom, Dick and Harry own a buy-to-let portfolio.

"Take note: A price correction where the losers are Tom, Dick and Harry with a buy-to-let portfolio and the banks who supported them is a vote winner."

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  • icon

    But if Nick, Robert & Felicity (who just own property to live in) also see the value of their homes fall, the "vote winner" might just turn into a vote loser - there are many more homeowners than landlords !
    Politicians often fall foul of the unintended consequences of their actions. They're really not terribly bright !

  • Brit Sixteen Sixty Four

    Yes but Nick, Robert & Felicity stuck in a 1 bed flat with their children see prices fall then the gap in the next step of the ladder shrink and they can move into a family home.

    Meanwhile Sophie, Luke and Mohamed can finally afford to get onto the property ladder.

    Section 24 is helping to address inter-generation inequalities.


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