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MP wants to see more done to clampdown on rogue landlords

Don Valley MP Caroline Flint is calling for selective licensing to be extended across the borough, after visiting Newham in London, where the council runs a borough-wide licensing scheme.

The Labour MP wants to see her constituency in Doncaster take a leaf out of Newham council’s book by introducing fresh selective licensing to combat poor housing conditions, low demand and high levels of deprivation.

“Newham is a leader in tackling the problems of slum landlords, particularly those who would rent an unsafe property to tenants, or fill a property to the point of overcrowding,” said Flint.


Speaking after viewing what the MP described as “shameful” private rental conditions, she continued: “To tackle this appalling state of affairs, Newham has a borough-wide approach, with an enforcement team that works hand in hand with the police to support compliance with the scheme.

“Many landlords in Newham are good, responsible landlords, but a minority of criminal landlords take advantage of residents and of poor quality accommodation.”

The MP, who is a former housing minister, praised Newham Council, which has taken 890 prosecutions and banned 28 landlords since their scheme was introduced in 2013.

“I see the rise of private landlords in our low rent areas, and with that the rise in criminal and irresponsible landlords,” Flint added. “The Council has started a licensing scheme in Hexthorpe but the Mayor has promised to extend this to Edlington. I hope licensing will be rolled out much more widely.”

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    So..................... Who but most important when will someone start the list of bad tenants?

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    If the government actually took measures to enforce the existing laws we wouldn't need licensing schemes. "Newham has and enforcement team". Don't make me laugh. The council knows perfectly well that every time they force a slum landlord to evict, the tenants end up on its housing list. Not exactly an incentive to work harder, is it?


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