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Drunk tenant sent indecent images to landlord

A tenant in Yeovil has been ordered to pay just short of £500 after being found guilty of texting unacceptable photographs of himself masturbating to a landlord.

Tobias Alan King, 27, claims to have sent the inappropriate pictures to a man who had advertised a room to rent by mistake when drunk – insisting that they were intended for his girlfriend.

The stunned landlord replied with a message saying King had obviously got the wrong number.


But six months later the same man received a number of similar photos from King, who was traced and later charged.

King, of Nelson Way, admitted that between April and October he had sent the inappropriate images via text.

Prosecutor Julyan Stephens said that the landlord had was “surprised, shocked and confused” as to why he was receiving the messages and said he had found them “extremely offensive”.

Stephens said: “When he started receiving odd text messages showing an erect penis and a male masturbating so he made it clear to the person who was sending them that he was not happy and reported it to the police.”

“When King was interviewed by the police he said he could not remember anything about the offence and was drunk when he was with some friends and had been fooling around,” Stephens added. “He said he had very little recollection of sending the messages, but does admit sending them after finding the number on an advert for a room to rent.”

“Clearly the victim was perplexed and annoyed at receiving the pictures and says that in April he made it clear by texting back to King and saying he did not want them and said he must have had the wrong recipient.”

The magistrates fined the defendant £350 and also ordered him to pay £85 costs and a £35 victim surcharge.

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  • Ken King

    What a bad boy!!💦💦😂👍

  • icon

    or more accurately--what a wanker?

    however police and courts should not be involved--i once went to tate modern--and it was only once--and on a video loop they were showing a man masturbating--apparently ok for luvvies!


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