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Sadiq Khan vows to expose London’s rogue landlords

The new mayor of London has pledged to get tough on rogue landlords in the capital by introducing a ‘London Landlord Watchlist’ with a view to coming down on those who take advantage of tenants “like a ton of bricks”.

His policy, which has proved popular with many of London’s near 2 million renters, will see a public City Hall database created allowing tenants to check out landlords before moving into a property, as well as “name and shame” the worst ones, including those landlords who have repeatedly broken the law.

Offences that could see landlords featured on the watchlist include unlawful eviction of tenants, failure to comply with an overcrowding notice, and harassment.


Housing was one of the key issues of the London mayor election campaign, with a recent survey of 2,062 adults carried out by ComRes revealing that it was the number one concern for Londoners ahead of the London mayoral election.

Stephanie McMahon, head of research at Strutt & Parker, commented: “The emphasis on housing from all the candidates is not unexpected, with the lack of affordability one of the greatest threats to the sustainability of London.”

What does Sadiq Khan’s victory mean for housing in London?

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  • Peter Lassman

    I am all for "a bad Landlord Database as long as it is Regulated Properly and complaints checked correctly and substantiated and as long as Sadiq Khan acknowledges that there is also a Big need for a BAD TENANT LIST as there are far more Bad Tenants than bad Landlords

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    He'd do better to compile a bad tenants list. That might encourage more people into letting property. Which may do more for the housing shortage then this old chestnut.

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    They can check all they want, then go & buy your own but not with Rogue help to buy Scheme funded by our taxes.

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    • 12 September 2019 10:43 AM

    Might I suggest that Khan targets those areas where rogue LL tend to flourish.
    So I suggest the areas be Southall
    Barking and Dagenham
    Well you know the sorts of areas that need targeting where the majority of rogue LL are.
    There are very few in Kensington and Chelsea or Hampstead and Highgate or Wimbledon.
    Rogue LL tend not to occur where there are very small populations of ethnic minorities.
    So perhaps we should have vans going round areas where these rogue LL tend to exist.
    So on the vans

    'Grass up any LL you believe is rogue'

    I'm sure ALL good LL and the general public would totally support such actions.


    Hi Paul.
    This is my pet subject.
    I have pointed the need for Rent Smart Wales to target specific areas, where I know the majority of rogue landlords exist.
    Instead of being proactive, they rely on tenants and the general public to inform them of any alleged wrongdoing.
    RSW are a totally useless quango set up by the Welsh Assembly Government to APPEAR to be tackling the problem of rogue landlords.
    All this organisation has managed to achieve, is to inconvenience the 'genuine' landlords who were doing everything right before the inception of this debacle.
    As much use as a chocolate teapot.

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    • 12 September 2019 10:57 AM

    It would be my guess that the vast majority of rogue LL exist because they tend to let to tenants who do NOT have the Right TO Rent.
    So perhaps where illegal immigrants and rogue LL are might be worth targeting.
    They tend to be in the same areas!!

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    you mean moslem areas where moslems abuse other moslems

    • 12 September 2019 12:38 PM

    I would suggest that rather than such abuses bring restricted to certain religious populations the problem of rogue LL seems to occur wherever there are significant numbers of non-white people.
    Such areas are usually readily identifiable and therefore it shouldn't be too difficult for Councils to identify where these rogue LL might exist.
    I would suggest it is pointless targeting principally British National areas as very few of them are engaged in letting illegally to those who don't have the R2R.
    Of course that could be construed as a sweeping generalisation but I would contend that rogue LL will be found in areas where there are large numbers of non-British nationals or where the white population are few in number.

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    Hi Paul.
    maybe, therein lies the problem?
    Targeting such areas may appear to be singling out a particular group for attention.
    You know what the result would be, cries of racism etc.
    It is akin to the old "sus' laws in London that were abolished because it targeted searching principally black people, even though the area was predominantly inhabited by these people anyway and who were responsible for most of the crime.
    Strangely enough, whenever I contact RSW, it is always a Pakistani that seems to answer the phone.
    Imagine telling him that the areas in which his people reside should be targeted.
    Human rights and political correctness override common sense.

    • 12 September 2019 17:15 PM

    Surely Council investigators should go where the intelligence leads them to.
    Just because it turns out that the majority of rogue LL tend to be in certain areas is no reason to ignore such areas even if there AREN'T many white British Nationals residing there.
    The mere fact that anyone is a rogue LL doesn't mean they should belong to a particular ethnic group.
    If the intelligence would seem to suggest that most rogue LL AREN'T white British then why would Councils waste their time investigating white British LL!?
    Surely it is irrelevant what the ethnicity of a rogue LL is!?
    It is the fact that they are a rogue LL that is important.
    Personally I am NOT the slightest bit interested in the ethnicity of a rogue LL.
    I just want all Rogue LL eradicated irrespective of race; colour or creed.
    They are unfair competition and suppress rent levels

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    Before Sadiq Khan gets carried away with himself and his City Hall data base. He needs to give LL’s some instrument to deal with the issues he is going to clamp down on, that has been caused by anti- Private Regulators.

    • 08 January 2021 10:11 AM

    How big is the London area within Khan's Juristriction?

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    Now that would be interesting, maybe he can start with areas like east and south London. If you have to ask why east and south.....don't bother.


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