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Councillor calls for further landlord licensing in Bristol

A Bristol councillor has called for additional selective landlord licensing in the city. 

Clifton Down councillor, Carla Denyer, says that even in her own patch – viewed as one of the most affluent areas in Bristol – there are untold stories of dangerous living conditions. 

A licensing scheme was introduced in the Easton district of the city last year and, according to Denyer, 700 rental properties have been 'improved' and almost 200 'serious hazards' have been resolved as a result of the scheme. 

Bristol City Council carried out its first prosecutions under the scheme earlier this month. Two landlords, Jagtar and Jagdish Kandola, were fined almost £40,000 for letting unlicensed properties.

The city has had another scheme signed off in Eastville and St George and now Denyer has joined campaigners by calling for further schemes to be brought in across the city. 

"We want the council to extend landlord licensing to make sure landlords provide minimum standards in other problem areas of the city," Councillor Denyer told the Bristol Post.

"I have met people who pay extortionate rent, yet have daily battles to get their landlord to fix a broken toilet or mend a leaking roof."

"We are now calling on the Mayor to look at extending the scheme to other areas of the city, following consultation with local communities."   

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    Not surprising they want to extent this out over all areas as I believe Bristol has the highest money grabbing fee of all councils. I just paid £1400 for my licence.


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