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Landlords told to act on damp complaints quickly

Landlords have been warned that ignoring damp complaints could put their rental property at risk.

The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) says that landlords who don't react to sightings of mould or damp quickly could be inadvertently endangering their tenants, while risking the long-term condition of their investment.

Damp is frequently caused by condensation and properties with poor ventilation are more likely to develop problems with damp or mould. 


The AIIC also reminds landlords that failure to deal with these issues could result in a fine. 

A landlord in the North West was recently fined over £3,000 for failing to investigate and act on damp problems reported by his tenants.

Adrian Webb pleaded guilty to failing to comply with an improvement notice and has subsequently apologised for acting irresponsibly.

But the AIIC has criticised Webb, saying his admission of guilt was too little, too late.

"By ignoring improvement notices and complaints from tenants about issues like damp and mould, landlords are putting renters' safety at risk as well as opening themselves up to receiving a hefty fine," says Patricia Barber, Chair of the AIIC.

"Landlords should try to deal with damage complaints as quickly as possible, in order to minimise the chances of it escalating into a serious problem.”

Barber adds that an added bonus of dealing with issues quickly is that it will help landlords to gain the trust and respect of their tenants.

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  • Bill Wood

    A lot of mould problems (as opposed to damp problems) are caused by tenants drying clothes on central heating radiators.
    In one of my houses, it took a professional cleaner 2 days to clean the mould from windows after the tenant had left.
    The new tenant has now been there for 3 years, and absolutely no mould at all.

  • icon

    And don't forget not opening windows is a ventilation problem which also causes mould.

  • Bill Wood

    Yes! Forgot to mention the most important thing - open the windows!!


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