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Is your rental property potentially being used as a cannabis farm?

With an increasing numbers of rental properties being targeted by gangs of cannabis cultivators looking to house their criminal activities, it is unsurprising that new research released this week revealed that hundreds of thousands of Cannabis farms were seized in domestic premises last year.

According to Direct Line for Business, the gangs are more likely to use a house than a flat, as they need space to cultivate their plants. They also tend to choose secluded properties in areas where there is little through-traffic, such as cul-de-sacs.

“The consequences of a cannabis farm on a landlord’s property can be financially catastrophic,” said Jane Guaschi, Business Manager at Direct Line for Business.


“What’s more, landlords could face loss of rent and the stress of the legal wrangling during periods of repair or eviction,” Guaschi added.

Here are some signs that your rental property may be being used as a cannabis farm: 

+ Windows may be blacked out with black plastic or heavy fabric and may be hidden by nets or blinds

+ Silver duct tape may be hanging out of windows and you may hear a constant buzz of ventilation

+ There may be excessive fortification of the property (inside and out)

+ The property may have high levels of heat and condensation which could result in mildew and peeling paint

+ You may see sudden changes to the electricity bill

+ An increase of vegetable material being thrown away

+ Cables or electrical wires being tampered with


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