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Top class university cities for buy-to-let property unveiled

The most lucrative university cities in the UK, based on house prices, rents and growth in local housing markets, have been identified by a leading London estate agent. 

Based on the research, which took into account a range of factors from house prices through to average graduate income, Edinburgh is considered to be the number one university city to invest in property, followed by Bristol and Brighton.

In contrast, Aberystwyth, Liverpool and Lancaster came out as the least beneficial investments, owing to more affordable rents and slower house price growth.


As September approaches, Chestertons wanted to create its own league table according to the potential pay outs of property investments in the university towns and cities. 

The top ten university cities and towns offering a good investment opportunity, and the scores they achieved, are as follows:

1.       Edinburgh – 8.3

2.       Bristol – 7.9

3.       Brighton – 7.8

4.       Reading – 7.7

5.       Oxford – 7.5

6.       York – 7.1

7.       Cambridge – 7.0

8.       St Andrews – 7.0

9.       Southampton – 6.6

10.   Warwick – 6.6

Daniel Killick of Chestertons said: “Student lets are generally seen as a great investment; there will always be a reliable level of demand and universities can often be really helpful in pointing students your way. Some locations, however, offer a better return than others. We were keen to get some deeper insights into the UK’s student property market and understand where the most attractive prospects are – and the ones that are less likely to pay off.”

Here are some top tips for investing in student property

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  • Mark Hempshell

    It would be interesting to know what other factors were considered to make a location a 'good student investment' and why. For example, I'm not too clear on how graduate incomes (presumably once they've left your student accommodation) make a city a good place to invest in student property.

    At the end of the day yields are really what makes a city a good place to invest in student accommodation. As most of the places in the list are in higher property price locations I would imagine yields in most of them are quite tight.

  • icon

    Strange really why a leading 'London estate agent' would produce research telling people to invest in property pretty much everywhere across the UK, apart from the capital!

  • Kevin Jones

    Mark, totally agree with you - it is not clear what factors were considered. For instance, there is another top of the most promising UK cities for investing in student property https://tranio.com/united-kingdom,germany/analytics/high_yields_and_growing_demand_for_student_property_in_the_uk_and_germany/. They are Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, and Sheffield


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