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Landlord association hits back at Corbyn's 'misguided' accusations

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has hit back at accusations made by Jeremy Corbyn in his Labour conference speech that private landlords are being subsidised by more than £9bn of housing benefit.

Corbyn attacked the Tory government’s record on housing and slammed the fact that official figures show that private landlords pocketed in the region of £9.3bn in housing benefit last year – double the amount they received a decade ago. 

The Labour leader (right) said: “Look what’s happened to housing under the Tories: housebuilding has fallen to its lowest level since the 1920s; home ownership is falling as more people are priced out of the market; evictions and homelessness go up every year; council homes are sold off without being replaced.


“And another consequence is that we’re paying over £9bna year to private landlords in housing benefit.

“Instead of spending public money on building council housing, we’re subsidising private landlords. That’s wasteful, inefficient, and poor government.”

But the RLA defended private landlords and the role that the private rented sector plays in providing people with much needed housing in this country. It was also quick to point out that total housing benefit spending for social rented tenants in 2014/15 hit £15.2bn, which was significantly more than the amount paid for those residing in the private rented sector, despite the private rental market being larger.

The RLA’s policy director, David Smith, said: “Millions of tenants rely on housing benefit in both the private and the social housing sectors, but proportionately far more is spent on social housing tenants than those in private accommodation.

“With the private rental market having doubled in size since 2002, it is inevitable that more housing benefit claimants will be living in the sector.”

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    i do not take hb tenants

  • Hans Retallick

    I will guarantee that most housing association employees, never mind executives are earning more than my income from HB. That is, the tenants who actually pay over their HB. And housing association employees won't have the costs of refurbishing a trashed house deducted from their salaries when their tenants decide to leave.

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    In addition to this, most housing associations cherry pick the better quality tenants leaving those who struggle with the responsibilities of a tenancy to the PRS. So in the PRS we offer far better value for money not just on rental costs but also on the disproportionately greater hassle generated

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    I'm happy not to take tennants on Housing Benefit.. In fact should my tenants need housing benefit they will be given notice to leave. Happy to oblige Mr Corbyn

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    I have the same policy as Steve Willett. Quite happy to let the council get on with housing HB tenants.

    The people who live in cardboard boxes under Waterloo Bridge are living testament to how effective councils are at assisting the disadvantaged tiers of society. Maybe Jeremy should peddle down there and take a look. Always good to see how the real world works.

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    FFS. Does he deride Tesco and Aldi for "being subsidised by government" when they take money for food from benefit recipients? It's time that the government, of all colours, woke up to the fact that the buy to let sector is just another business - not inherently good or bad.
    Of course, if they did their job properly, there would be no tenants left to be "milked" by greedy landlords. Or should that be "housed and sheltered" by landlords who have to act as parents, bankers and maids to their feckless, potless, lazy tenants?

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    • 12 October 2016 23:39 PM

    Ignore this man. He is infantile.


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