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One-on-one interview: Steve Burrows, MD of Landlord Secure

What is Landlord Secure?

Landlord Secure is a tenant referencing service provider, as well as an FCA authorised company for the sale of landlord and tenant insurance products.

We provide an in-depth credit check service to give landlords a far more comprehensive overview of a new applicant’s credit history, by revealing if the applicant is in arrears with loans or credit cards, and even how much of their credit they are using. This is extremely helpful with accessing Guarantors. If they’re in arrears on their mortgage or credit accounts they wouldn’t be suitable to guarantor the applicant in the event they don’t pay the rent.


Our tool allows landlords to view how many active accounts an applicant has and which are being paid on time, the total balance of unsecured accounts in the previous month and the “worst status” of any active accounts for a minimum timeframe of three months before an application was made. This helps to assess affordability and mitigate risk.

We also offer a range of insurance products such as tenant’s liability, landlord buildings and rent guarantee.

Obviously the majority of your clients will be landlords - How does Landlord Secure create value for them?

As landlords ourselves, we fully understand what is important to property owners and what the benefits and pitfalls of being a landlord are. Therefore we are able to tailor our solutions and support accordingly. We have created a range of value-added products which are keen on price but also provide excellent cover. These two benefits aren’t always found together.

What exactly is LateRent, and how can it help landlords?

LateRent is a facility that allows landlords to report a tenant’s payment history, whether good or bad, to our partner credit reference agency Equifax. This enables them to carry out robust affordability assessments on potential tenants.

LateRent will report a registered tenant’s monthly payment status and this will show up on any future credit searches conducted by financial institutions. This will aid in the calculation of credit worthiness and affordability of tenants.

The system also allows tenants who pay on time to build up a good credit history, which could assist them with future mortgage or credit applications.

What are your three unique selling points as a company?

We are currently the only tenant referencing company that has partnered with Equifax in order to provide detailed arrears and default information to landlords prior to letting to a tenant.

We provide unique products, such as LateRent, which enable us to assist both tenants and landlords.

We act on behalf of various insurers to create bespoke, quality, letting industry insurance products at low prices, some of which are exclusive to Landlord Secure.

How do you overcome your competitors?

With over seven years’ experience in providing detailed tenant referencing decisions and over 20 years’ experience in providing insurance products to landlords, we know our market very well and we are able to demonstrate this to our customers with the solutions and advice that we provide. We’re always evolving and adding to our product portfolio to stay one step ahead of the competition.

What do you feel it takes to be successful in the industry?

Honesty is the best policy and it’s important to provide value for money, as well as demonstrate that you fully understand your products, services and the wider issues facing the sector.

Where do you expect Landlord Secure to be in a year?

In a year, we expect to be pioneering other products and services that will catch the eye of the letting industry, as well as continuing to provide landlords with the best data available to ensure they can get a valued decision before choosing a tenant. We expect to increase our client base by over 100%, and increase staffing to match.

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