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Consultation proposal on licensing scheme for private landlords in Gedling

Gedling Borough Council has proposed a five year licensing scheme for private landlords in Gedling, Nottinghamshire, in an effort to improve poorly managed private rented properties in the Netherfield area. 

The council has launched a public consultation on the plans to introduce Selective Licensing for private landlords who own properties in Netherfield at a cost of £675 per licence.

Landlords would also need to meet a number of conditions under the terms of the scheme to ensure that tenants are provided with safe and well managed homes.


A landlord found guilty of not licensing or complying with licence conditions could be fined thousands of pounds. 

“This is a very important consultation and could make a really important difference to this community,” said Cllr David Ellis, who represents the Ernehale ward.

“Residents have a right to live in properties that are fit for purpose. Asking landlords to meet our standards acts as way of improving housing conditions and property management and also it can have a longer term effect of reducing anti-social behaviour and crime which can be linked to areas with deprivation and poor living conditions,” he added. 

The proposals are being welcomed by Think Big Developments, a local landlord and construction firm who have recently transformed a run-down property in the Netherfield area into a liveable dwelling.

Think Big Development owners Louchavan Lemard and Ryan Jeffers told the Nottingham Post: “We believe that the introduction of the licencing will help prevent exploitation of low-income tenants and improve the quality of housing that is available to residents of Netherfield.

“The system will help regulate what’s going on in the private sector and we fully support Gedling Borough Council’s proposals. Our vision is to provide employment, high quality and affordable housing.”

However, the controversial plans to licence a selection of landlords will not be welcomed by some landlords, who will undoubtedly view the proposed license as yet another levy.

Consultation on the proposals to introduce mandatory licencing in Netherfield is open until 5 January and residents and business owners can have their say by clicking here

Landlords will also be able to have their say at an event at Gedling Borough Council on Tuesday 21st November, from 6pm. 

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    First of all please change Gedding in the title to Gedling. Second please get a full statement from a landlord (the majority view) that will give more details as to why this is an ineffective solution. Third please ask a tenant how they will feel about having to pay up to £40 a month extra from passed on costs. It is just not good enough to copy paste a council press release and then have one paragraph saying its controversial. Research on the Nottingham scheme have estimated the compliance costs as £2400/landlord/property.

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    It is a Levy! Why so expensive. In my case that would be 11 licences! Its the Landlord that should be licensed not the property. How would you take a property to court! This will not work and they know it won't work. Unscrupulous Landlords will always be out there. If the Government want us to work with local councils they are going to have to put the baseball bat away. Its leaving a bad taste !


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