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Generous landlord offers rent reduction for ‘unsung heroes’ working in the NHS

A big-hearted landlord is prepared to lower the rent of his one-bedroom property in Wycombe for a tenant who works in the NHS.

The landlord, who has a doctorate in chemical engineering and a property portfolio as an investment, is currently looking for a tenant for his property at Spindle Court in Chairborough Road on the outskirts of the town centre.

The property, which is located around 15 minute walk from Wycombe Hospital, has been let in the past for just over £750 a month, but is currently on the books of the letting department at JNP for £725 a month.


However, the landlord, who has asked not to be named, has decided to cut the rent to £650 a month and cap it at that level as a guarantee against further hikes for a tenant who works on the front line in the NHS.

The landlord told the Bucks Free Press: “I don’t want personal publicity. I’m doing it as a gesture of support and gratitude for low paid workers in a profession we all depend on whose salaries in real terms haven’t kept pace with inflation.”

It would appear that the landlord took the decision after seeing the ‘kindness and professionalism’ shown to his mother when she was recently taken ill and rushed to Hillingdon Hospital.

“My wife went with her and stayed with her for four days and four nights,” he explained.

“She was overwhelmed by the dedication of the staff. These people are unsung heroes.

“Knowing how their salaries have been frozen we talked about what we could do to help.”

He added: “We’re doing this as much as anything as a statement to tell those at the lower end of the pay scale in the emergency services how much their work is appreciated by the public.

“Rather than make a donation to charity my wife and I decided to reduce the rent of our house near the hospital in Wycombe to ease the financial strain for someone who works there.

“I’ve pledged not to lower the price for the first 12 months, then put it up to the going rate when the lease comes up for renewal in a year’s time. That wouldn’t be fair. It will be capped at the present rent.

“We hope it might inspire others to do something to help alleviate the everyday cost of living for those who have had their salaries capped.”

Ben Stokes, letting manager at JNP, told the press that it is the first time in his career he has encountered a landlord who has lowered his rent in the cause of charity.

He said: “As someone who also has experienced kindness and professionalism shown when it’s most needed, what lovely thing, a gesture of appreciation of direct benefit to the people on the front line making a difference.”

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