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Landlords provide the stability that many tenants ‘need and want’

Buy-to-let landlords continue to deliver longer tenancies, providing tenants with the stability that many tenants ‘need and want’, according to the Residential Landlords Association (RLA).

The average length of tenancy in the private rented sector is now 4.3 years, up from 4 years 12 months ago, the latest figures from the English Housing Survey for 2015/16 has revealed.

The research shows that almost two thirds of private sector tenants have been residing in their existing property for more than three years, whilst almost half have been in them for five or more years.


The survey suggests that the longer tenancies are owed in part to the fact that the proportion of renters with children has increased from 30% in 2005/06 to 36% in 2015/16.

RLA chairman, Alan Ward, said: “Today’s figures show what we have always known – landlords want to provide tenants with long term housing. It is good for both tenants who want security and landlords who have stable tenancies.

“It is time to end the scaremongering peddled by some, and focus not on heavy handed legislation, but looking at what more can be done to break the barriers preventing landlords offering longer tenancies, such as restrictions imposed by mortgage lenders.

“Landlords are stepping up to the plate and providing the stability that many tenants need and want.”

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    Landlord bashing needs to stop!
    Get rid of slum Landlords and help good landlords provide good housing to good tenants.
    The law needs changing to stop landlords paying out a small fortune to get rid of bad tenants.
    Why does it take months and months to evict bad tenants,who cause damage,don't pay their rents etc
    Landlords having to pay high court fees,eviction fees.Councils telling tenants not to move out (when they have a court order) until a bailiff turns up !!!!!!!!!!!!!landlords should get compensation from councils that do this !
    This government needs to accept that BTL is a business and allow all expenses including mortgage interest,give grants to improve property before they are let out if needed.
    At the end of the day we (good landlords)are providing a service and a home ,something councils can't achieve,we take the risk,do the hard work and are rewarded by unfair treatment and landlord bashing.
    Time to make big changes.speedup evictions,so new "good" tenants can have a home>


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