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Rental property turned into a cannabis farm

A private tenant in Motherwell faces a possible jail sentence after pleading guilty to producing cannabis at a flat in Addie Street between April and July last year.

Officers searched the property and found 93 plants, worth £15,000, after the landlord called them following the discovery of the cannabis plants that were growing in his Motherwell flat.

Callum Forsyth, prosecuting, told Hamilton Sheriff Court that the landlord visited the flat to talk with his tenant, Maciej Staniewski, after being informed that he was cultivating the plants.


After seeing the evidence himself, the landlord contacted the police and when officers arrived they seized the plants, along with equipment such as tents, lights, heaters and plant food.

Sheriff Ray Small requested background reports and deferred sentence until 27 April. Staniewski, 28, remains on bail.

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    .................they ceased the plants..........???????
    Surely you have the wrong word entirely here. Stand in the corner with the dunces hat on. Better still write out (by hand) 100 lines 'I must read and correct what I have written before publication'


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