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Students ‘living in substandard conditions’ due to landlord neglect

Damp, a lack of running water and unwanted guests including rats, slugs and bed bugs, are among the main issues that many students living in rented accommodation around the UK have to deal with, a new report claims.

Student advice site Save the Student surveyed 2,095 students with 65% of respondents claiming that they are currently being forced to live in squalor.

Jake Butler of Save the Student commented: “People tend to think that living in substandard conditions is just part of being a student, but it’s time we realised it simply isn’t acceptable, especially when many students and their parents are shelling out plenty of money.


“We hear from stressed out students with housing issues pretty much daily. Far too many landlords and even university accommodation providers will just shrug off major issues. And who can they turn to when that happens? There should be more obvious support available to students for matters like this.”

A separate National Student Housing Survey reveals that students around the UK pay an average deposit of just under £300 each to secure a place to live, with 80% coughing up for fees as well. 

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    Over the past month Landlord Today has published a number of articles featuring our product rent-hub and our aims for the sector. Our message has always been clear…the majority of landlords and tenants are good, hardworking and honest.

    In addition to these articles we have also spent a significant time contacting many of the supposed sector champions…including Owen Burek, the founder of Save the Student.

    Our product is free for students and offers unrivalled protection TO ALL SIDES; we also stated within our letter to Owen that we would be happy to meet with the Save the Student team to look at how we could work together for the protection of ALL SIDES.

    My daughter is in her first year of University and living in a brand new £42 million pound development…which has been badly mistreated by SOME of the students.

    My company CB Solutions will meet and work with any person or organisation that genuinely wants to move this and all other areas of the rented sector forward.

    Jake Butler, Owen Burek my email address is steve.reice@rent-hub.co.uk drop me an email and let’s arrange a meeting. This also applies to every other person within the sector who genuinely cares and wants to see the sector move forward in a more connected, secure, fair and protected way.

    I will contact Marc Da Silva next week with an update…


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