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LPG supplier urges rural landlords to consider switching their fuel provider

Private landlords with properties in non-mains gas areas are being urged to consider switching the fuel supply in their rural rental homes to LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) to make their buy-to-let investments more desirable to potential tenants.

If the rental property is located in a non-mains gas area, landlords may have to rely on alternative fuels such as oil, electricity or LPG to fuel the home, and LPG supplier Calor argues that if a potential tenant has never lived ‘off-grid’, they may be apprehensive about renting a property that is not connected to mains gas.

But of all the off-grid fuel options, Gregor Dalgleish of Calor, unsurprisingly argues that rural landlords should “consider the switch to LPG”, as LPG boilers work just like mains gas boilers – providing tenants with controllable heating and a real flame for cooking.


He also insists that an LPG system is also likely to be cleaner and easier to maintain than alternatives such as oil or solid fuel, meaning less hassle for both the landlord and tenant.

“With oil theft from tanks still a big issue in rural areas, LPG also provides a more secure solution, with little danger of fuel theft and environmental damage from leakage,” he said. 

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