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Landlord threatens to sue council after 35 men were found living in his house

The owner of a three-bedroom house in Queensbury, north-west London, where 35 men were living in rooms full of mattresses has threatened to sue Brent Council after publically referring to him as a rogue landlord.

The residents had been cramped into every room other than the bathrooms with bedding. Even the kitchen contained a sleeping area, while another mattress was found laid out under a canopy in the back garden with no protection against the night temperatures.

However, the landlord, Sunil Hathi, insists that he had no idea of the conditions at the property or the fact that so many people are living in the house, as he originally rented the house to three people. 


Brent council raided the property on Winchester Avenue earlier this week following complaints from neighbours about overcrowding, anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping.

Hathi, who works as a doctor, told the Guardian he was shocked by the discovery and has pledged to evict the men as soon as possible.

“I have no idea how many people are living at this address, it was originally rented out to three people. This is the first time I have come here in the month they have been living here. We were not aware they were staying here and we are going to evict them.”

“Brent council put out a statement to the press saying that it was a ‘rogue landlord’ and I resent these comments. They’re highly defamatory and I am speaking with my lawyers.

“I’m not running away from anything, why would I? This house is worth a lot of money. They could have found me in minutes on the land registry.”

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    this is a common scenario--family let is a con and property is crammed with people paying weekly but not to owner--did council check immigration status of the 35? this scenario also makes a nonsense of right to let legislation and, of course, landlord cannot enter without giving notice. Dr Hathi--i suggest you sue and also sue media which repeated the slur

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    Where to report a ROGUE Letting Agent in Edinburgh?
    Our situation was similar, the neighbours reported our tenant sub-let the flat and we had a letting agent at that time. Owners of the flat are usually the last ones to have the fact.


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