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Race row landlord to sue vlogger for calling him a racist

A controversial buy-to-let landlord who last year banned ‘coloured people’ from renting any of his properties because ‘they make them smell of curry’ is suing a vlogger who posted a video criticising him on YouTube

Having already barred battered wives and plumbers from occupying his homes, Fergus Wilson, who has long run a property empire in Kent alongside his wife Judith, caused further controversy in March 2017 by sending an email to letting agent Evolution Properties, which set out requirements for potential tenants, in which he wrote should include “no coloured people because of the curry smell at the end of the tenancy”.

Given that refusing to rent or let a property based on a prospective tenant’s race is unlawful, not to mention highly offensive, small-time vlogger Danny Hyde decided to post a video on YouTube slamming the landlord’s policy to ban non-white tenants.


Hyde spoke for just under two minutes about how Wilson should ban curry if he hates it so much, not an entire race of people. 

But Wilson has now decided to sue Hyde for £10,000 for a ‘grossly offensive’ video in ‘breach of the malicious communications act 1988’.

“It was the way that he said it’,” Wilson told the Metro newspaper yesterday. “It was a grossly offensive video”.

The landlord reportedly said that if Hyde does not settle in court, he intends to bring a private prosecution against him.

The landlord added: “He made the misfortune of picking on somebody who can bring a private prosecution against him.”

He continued: “I will bankrupt him if he can’t pay. He should not have done it at the start. If you start doing these things, you are responsible for the consequences.”

“He has to accept what is going to happen.”

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    good for him!
    Landlords should be able to ban anyone they want,however, best keep it low key to aviod all this .
    I will not let to anyone I do not like,but give no reason ,nor do I have to.


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