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Landlord fined for allowing tenants to live among cockroaches, rats and raw sewage

A rogue landlord whose tenants were living in degrading conditions has been ordered to pay £9,000.

Housing enforcement officers from Harrow Council found an infestation of rats, mice and cockroaches, along with dumped and overflowing rubbish, water leaking from the roof and a broken sewage drain, when they first inspected the property on Edgware High Street, located on the edge of north-west London, but decided to take action against the landlord, Milegate Limited, after their warnings were ignored.

Milegate Limited pleaded guilty at Willesden Magistrates Court to two offences, including ignoring council warnings and failure to remove infestation and fix leaks.

Cllr Varsha Parmar, portfolio holder for environment, said: “Can you imagine living every day with the stink of sewage and the skittering about of cockroaches and rats?

“And a landlord who just won’t do anything about it? It’s like something out of a Dickens novel.

“We took Milegate to court and made them pay because that’s what we do when you ignore our warnings to make your property safe for tenants.

“Bad landlords, and tenants be warned – we’ll come after you too.”


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