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New landlords association urges Chancellor to reverse BTL tax changes

Philip Hammond is coming under increasing pressure to reverse draconian tax changes applying to buy-to-let landlords.

A number of landlords have been left with no alternative but to evict tenants and sell properties en masse due to the phasing out of mortgage interest relief and scrapping of the ‘wear and tear’ allowance, while the introduction of the 3% stamp duty surcharge has deterred many landlords from adding to their existing property portfolios.

Now the newly formed National Landlords Alliance has written to the Chancellor demanding various tax changes.


The landlords association, which has been set-up by Larry Sweeney, a landlord based in Southport, wants to see an amendment to Section 24, an immediate council tax holiday of five years to assist first-time buyers, paid for by council efficiencies, along with a reduction or scrapping of capital gains tax for landlords who sell to tenants.

Sweeney wrote: “We also pointed out to Chancellor Hammond that the PRS is not happy with this so-called Conservative government, and Labour’s proposals for longer tenancies and rent controls are all we have left to fear.

“Perhaps not fear, as these proposals will finally wreck the market and eventually sanity must prevail.

“Let us see if Central government listen.”

The National Landlords Alliance is seeking pledges, with landlords being asked to email their pledge to Info@landlordsalliance.co.uk.

The fee to join would be £100 pa.

Sweeney, who has considered the idea of setting up a new National Landlords association for the past 18 months, commented: “We all know how frustrated and sickened the community is with the other main associations failing to aggressively fight our corner and instead assist the councils implementing their rotten Selective licensing schemes. Enough is enough.

“We could talk forever, but it is now time for action. I have held off taking this leap in the hope that somebody else would take up the baton.”

Sweeney says that he is prepared to act as CEO without salary initially to get the organisation up and running.

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    Wasting their breath, mr hammond isn't going to change anything, there's no chance.

  • John Cart

    Whilst the new organisation is indeed wasting their breath, Larry Sweeney is right about the NLA & RLA (I'm a member of both), both are far too passive in dealing with the current "Labour" government. Both should be far more aggressive in their dealings with both central and local government.


    Being the former NLA Chairman for Scotland I can only say fighting with them solves nothing. The NLA have been brought to their knees on previous occasions trying to fight legislation issues as they (we) simply do not have deep enough pockets to go up against the government. In my experience every Landlord thinks we should fight but a lot aren't prepared to pay for it or see it through when it counts.

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    I think the this new landlords association are mostly the same guys that that crowdfunded a challenge of section 24 in court, and subsequently failed. I can't see how launching a new landlord association is really going to achieve anything.
    My bet is that landlords are simply going to have to tough out section 24 or sell up and be done with it. Only when there's a concrete and indisputable evidence that renters have been harmed will section 24 be reviewed, there's simply too much money in it for the government, and realistically most people don't worry too much about landlords financial woes.
    As for this new associations proposals, you've more chance of touching the moon than seeing five year council tax holidays for first time buyers paid for by "council efficiencies" being introduced.
    If this new landlord association wants to be taken seriously they'll have to come up with some credible proposals.

    PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Anyone, trying to do more than is currently being done - Deserves support, AND, at least a fair crack before criticism.

    Vanessa Warwick

    For clarification, Chris Cooper and Steve Bolton, who started the Tenant Tax campaign, are nothing whatsoever to do with this new landlord association.

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    Is it mandatory for people to be negative about someone who is trying to rectify an iniquitous situation?


    Well said David. It seems that the previous posters are just prepared to roll over and let people walk all over them. I've had enough of that approach as it gets us nowhere. Good on Larry for taking this on. I'm in.

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    I would love for there not to be a need for more landlord representatives, but everything conciliatory has been tried and it has got us nowhere but worse off. We’ve reached the stage where landlords should be allowed to try a different approach - if it fails, at least Mr Sweeney tried, but it’ll have greater chances of success if the community get behind it.

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    Why not put your voice alongside the National Landlords Association and the Scottish Landlords Association. A unified voice is the key. Don't reinvent the wheel. Get behind the existing associations who are doing something.


    They've had all the advantages of time and money and done nothing more than beg for crumbs. The RLA, at least, and I believe the NLA too have gotten into bed with certain councils implementing Selective Licensing, when those schemes were either entirely, or in part, flawed. The NLA hand out B&Q discount cards, who in turn support Shelter, who continuously attack LLs, who are both B&Q and NLA customers. The existing two have become like the larger charities or unions...big business and mostly self-serving.

    Time for a bit of direct action.

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    Luke P is absolutely right. The NLA &RLA have capitulation mindset on everything against landlords. We need an organisation that is very much pro landlord. Shelter should be boycotted and denounced at every opportunity. They are indirectly making people homeless with their policies and advice.


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