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Tenant causes almost £6k worth of damage after refusing to pay rent

A tenant who caused almost £6,000 worth of damage to his rented home after refusing to vacate the flat, despite being served notice by his landlord, has pleaded guilty to damaging the property in Delabole, north Cornwall, between January and April this year.

David Pearson, 46, appeared at Truro Crown Court on Friday, where he was sentenced to a 12-month community penalty, including 25 rehabilitation activity requirement sessions and 120 hours of unpaid work, and ordered to pay £1,000 in compensation to the landlord.

Deborah Roberts, who owns the property, was also advised by the court to pursue further damages through civil proceedings.


The court heard that Pearson, who was living at the property with his elderly mother, committed the damage following a breakdown in his relationship with Roberts, after denying the landlord entry into the property.

Prosecuting barrister Phillip Lee told the court that Pearson had caused damage to the boiler and cupboard, a kitchen cupboard, an electrical socket, a wall and a ceiling, while a built-in cupboard and door were also missing.

“This is a sorry tale,” Lee said. “This would appear to be deliberate damage following the altercation in March.

“The defendant admitted he made alterations and caused damaged but claimed he intended to make good. He alleged that shoddy workmanship had caused some of the problems.

“This man has some previous convictions for threats and violence.”

The precise cost of the damage, estimated to be over £5,700, is currently in dispute.

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    “The defendant admitted he made alterations and caused damaged but claimed he intended to make good. He alleged that shoddy workmanship had caused some of the problems."

    Haha That old chestnut. Im living in a hovel but not of my own making and its the landlord faults for not repairing what damage Ive caused

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    I hope all landlords remember this mans name and deny him a Private Rented Residence again. Black listed.

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    Therein lies the problem?
    The compensation was grossly inadequate and the landlord having to sue in the civil courts will incur more expense, with no guarantee that they will get any money from the tenant.
    I recently managed to get rid of a tenant that wasn't paying and it was only a solicitor's letter threatening court action that prompted them to leave. This cost me over £700 and they damaged a velux window which will cost around £800 to replace. If I were to go through with the court action then this will no doubt cost me a lot more money in fees and then there is no guarantee if found in my favour, that I will get anything back from them in compensation as they have left with no forwarding address.
    I am certain that they owe money elsewhere, so I will probably have to wait my turn to get compensated if ever?
    I am just happy to have got them out and the property is now back on the market.


    money claim on line, last time i used it £60, two yrs later this guy had his photo in the local paper opening a pub, i sent the bailiffs round and got a £1000 out of him, i also have the satisfaction in knowing he has a ccj against his name, i think it's worth £60 even if you don't get your money.

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    I agree entirely.
    I am aware from your previous posts that you are quite keen that rogue tenants should get a ccJ against them and I agree if it costs only £60 for this service, it is well worth doing.
    Thank you for your suggestion.
    Can you please give me details about this as I am unaware of it?

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Its the only simple and cheap legal process that exists .
    Just google 'MCOL' Money Claim Online.


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