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Survey exposes tenants’ shocking lack of knowledge about tenancy deposits

A fresh survey of more than 1,000 people involved in the UK private rental sector has found a staggering and worrying lack of knowledge when it comes to deposit laws and tenants’ rights.

The law requires all deposits taken on an Assured Shorthold Tenancies to be protected in a government-authorised insurance based or custodial deposit protection schemes, but there appears to be a lack of deposit protection awareness among tenants.

Some 98% of renters who took part of the research, undertaken by Just Landlords, did not know their rights when it comes to tenancy deposits.


Renters who took part in the research were not aware that they could be entitled to three times their initial deposit plus their deposit amount if landlords in England and Wales fail to protect Assured Shorthold Tenancy deposits in a government-approved scheme.

“It’s shocking that so few people understand their rights when it comes to tenancy deposits, especially as more people than ever rent from a private landlord,” said Rose Jinks, the Spokesperson for Just Landlords.

“We believe that the companies currently seeking PPI compensation for consumers may turn to unclaimed tenancy deposits when the deadline comes into force in August next year,” she added.

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    From my own experience, landlords will attempt to gain as much of the deposit from you by ‘chancing their arm’ on anything and take it. Check your deposit schemes website in this instance and challenge their assertions. The deposit scheme in our case provided some good information.

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    From my experience as a landlord, I have NEVER attempted to gain anything from a tenant's deposit?
    I could probably be criticised for not holding back enough to cover the cost of putting right the issues that are left behind, but certainly not 'chancing my arm' on taking anything to which I am not entitled. If the deposit is held in the DPS scheme, the tenant has to agree to the reduction before it is returned to the landlord. Believe me, most of my tenants are delighted with the reduction I make for cleaning etc, because it would cost them a lot more if I were to hire specialists in this field, of which I am perfectly entitled so to do.

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    So the teams of paper that I’ve used cos I’m obligated by law to provide at tenancy signup (DPS info and the tenants rights) is now a waste of time as they don’t seem to read it. Info that they have access to by internet as well.

    Landlords have wisened up to deposit co nonsense on only being able to claim 25% on a ruined carpet as an example so tip to novice landlords ALWAYS claim beyond the amount of deposit. What will be disallowed will be made up on other items. Be as petty as you can be in this as the majority of us are honest people. We only want to be able to bring the property back to the standard it was let

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    The deposit scheme system is only in favour of the tenant, the adjudicators believe the lies of the tenant even when we give them Check in notes, inventory, inspection reports, Check Out report, dated timed photos, bills with contractors comments like " yes the place was infested with fleas, jumping immeditiately, has to spray with 3 times the normal amount".
    Carpets with cigs stopped out on, Vynal ripped, and they put it down to wear and tear, even when tenant does not report a water leak from Flat above for 2 months in between last 3 month inspection and tenant doing a "runner" but leaves walls coveted in damp and mould, gives no foward address by disputes claims. Wast of time take 2 or 3 months rent with 2nd month to start immediatly. No deposit certificate. Tenants cant read an EPC an Inventory or an instruction on how to use code to bin store and what bins to use !!!!


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