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Government approves new PRS licensing scheme

A proposal to introduce a new licensing scheme for privately rented homes in Nottingham has been given the green light by the Secretary State for the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

The City Council scheme covering around 31,000 privately rented homes in Nottingham is the largest outside London to be given approval by the Secretary of State.

A recent report by the BRE (Building Research Establishment) Group estimated that 21% of Nottingham’s private rented properties are likely to have Category 1 hazards – such as exposed wiring, a dangerous boiler, bedrooms that are very cold, a leaking roof, mould on the walls or ceiling and vermin infestation.


The council hopes that the new selective licensing scheme will help to make sure that these issues are addressed.

Cllr Jane Urquhart, the City Council’s portfolio holder for planning, housing and heritage, said: “I’m pleased that Nottingham’s selective licensing proposal has been approved by the government. In areas that are covered it will help to improve standards for private tenants and landlords will know exactly what they must do to be able to rent their properties out.

“Having a Selective License will allow landlords to demonstrate that they provide good accommodation for tenants.  The cost of licensing will be reduced for responsible landlords who gain Nottingham Standard Accreditation via DASH or Unipol. Tenants will also be able to check on both licensing and accreditation which will help to drive up private rented standards.

“This is a major step forward in improving living standards for many city residents.”

The new licence is expected to cost landlords who have Nottingham Standard accreditation in the region of £400, while those without accreditation will pay about £650. 

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    if we keep our properties to a reasonable standard and attend to faults quickly, as we should, then surely we have nothing to worry about. there's a cost, but as always this will be passed onto the end user, probably for round figures around £10 wk increase in rent.

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    21% is total rubbish--these figures are made up

    most mould is due to tenants

    and andrew--your definition of reasonable may be very different from some local govt oik who has no experience of managing propeerties--far too many of these oiks are unemployable outside local govt


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