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New complaints system targets rogue landlords

A new rental complaints system has been proposed to help support private tenants who are forced to live in shoddy housing and squalid conditions, the government has announced.

In the private rented sector, there is currently no obligation for landlords to register with a complaints system. But the plans unveiled over the weekend by the housing secretary, Sajid Javid, aims to create a simple and effective complaints system that allows disputes to be resolved faster and consumers to access compensation where applicable.

Naming and shaming rogue landlords and homebuilders, as well as the introduction of a single housing ombudsman are among some of the options currently being considered.


An eight-week consultation on a new scheme to crack down on rogue landlords renting out overcrowded and dangerous homes is now underway.

Javid said: “For too long, tenants and homeowners have navigated multiple complaints procedures to resolve disputes about everyday household repairs and maintenance.

“Fixing this housing crisis is about more than just building homes, it’s ensuring people have the answers available when something goes wrong.”

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    Will there be a new complaints system to target rogue tenants as well?

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    Ha! Some hope, Gordon. The only effective measure for getting rid of the rogues is surely about to be denied to us so I don’t think landlords will be left with ANY powers at all. Come on in tenants! It’s a free house for you to abuse at will!!

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    Why are they so down on Landlords they will all be complaining when the Landlords have all had enough and sell up and then they won't have anywhere for the tenants to live. I'm all for making sure bad landlords are dealt with but like you say how about the bad tenants nobody says anything about that. I had one tenant who said he wasn't going to pay his rent because it was Christmas and his car needed an MOT. My reply was how would you feel when you go into work on Monday and your boss says I'm sorry I am not paying your wages this month as it is Christmas and my car needs an MOT, he said of course he wouldn't like it but that is totally different. I explained politely that it is the same your rent pays my wages and if I don't get paid I can't pay the mortgage and both you and out will be without a house! Didn't work had to have him removed and before he left he left the taps on in the bathroom so the house would flood - nice chap

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    There is a system in place to identify rogue tenants https://www.landlordreferencing.co.uk/ it just needs wider publicity and universal acceptance.


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