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Gedling Borough Council approve plans for mandatory licences

Gedling Borough Council yesterday voted to approve plans to impose selective licensing charges on private landlords in the Nottinghamshire district.

Following a consultation period, the proposal to introduce selective licensing was recommended to the council, with a final decision made yesterday.

The council will begin imposing selective charges on landlords in its Netherfield ward from October this year, before rolling the scheme out. 


Landlords with an official accreditation will be charged £490 per year for each property, with non-accredited landlords due to pay £640 once the scheme kicks in. The measure includes a number of exemptions, including where a property is rented out for social housing.

Cllr John Clarke said: “There’s a good chunk of people living in low-quality dwellings all over the county and the country, so I’m particularly pleased to see this [new licence] coming in.”

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    Just another money grabbing scheme by a Council that already has the power to act against landlords that rent poor quality properties.
    Why penalise good landlords who will now have less money to invest in their properties. Prity stupid & short sighted.


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