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What do renters look for in a rental property?

For landlords, it is not always easy to guess what prospective tenants are looking for when getting a vacant property ‘rental ready’.

From furniture and lighting to bedding and tabletop items, there is a lot that can be done to improve a property’s internal appearance and give it that homely feel; helping to showcase the impressive features available and maximise the use of space, ensuring that the home is perfect for family buyers or busy professionals.

But research looking at what matters to tenants has found that for the majority of renters cost remains the most important deciding factor when choosing a rental property.


The latest survey carried out for Cover4LetProperty by Usurv found that 77% of respondents say cost is the determining factor when choosing a rental property.

Some 68% identified location as the most important factor, while having a garden is important to almost half - 48% - of renters.

Consent to keep pets in the property was identified as the fourth most important factor at 32%, followed by ease of parking at 23%.

Reflecting on the study, Richard Burgess, director at Cover4LetProperty, pointed out that the number of tenants seeking rental homes that accommodate animals is growing rapidly, suggesting that more landlords may wish to consider accommodating pets.

He said: “In February, Labour said it wanted to implement a default right for tenants to keep a pet in their rental properties. It appears that the party has found this is a popular choice for tenants and would be seen as a vote winner.

“Regardless, landlords may want to consider their own policy on pets to see if it could help rent their properties now - or they are forced to change their policy by potential new government legislation.”

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    I do not know why we are worried and talking about this so much, it is obvious that we prepare the best condition of the property we could to attract clients; client choose what suit them the most. It is the same concept when we enter a shop, we will make a decision to purchase the product on the shelf or not. Why a political party needs to spend their and our previous time to talk about if tenants or landlords should keep pets? Perhaps landlords will be forced to take pets is the next step? Honestly, I think we have too much time on our hands, so do the politicians. Do something meaningful, Please.

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    surely it boils down to horses for courses, good working tenants with a good credit history will be looking for good properties from good landlords, on the other hand benefit claimants and those with poor credit histories will be looking for any landlord mug enough to take them in any property.
    as for pets, i am one of very few landlords in my area that will CONSIDER pets, however if i am not going to be allowed to take a larger deposits this will change , maybe there will have to be 2 rent levels.


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