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Tenants who complain almost twice as likely to be evicted, says Citizens Advice

Private renters who complain to their landlord about problems at their rental property, including issues such as damp and mould, are almost twice as likely to be evicted within six months compared to those that say nothing, according to a new report by Citizens Advice.

The charity estimates that about 141,000 tenants have been affected since laws attempting to ban revenge evictions were introduced in 2015.

Gillian Guy, chief executive of the charity, believes that the “well-intentioned laws” created to put an end to ‘revenge evections’ have failed and that “a new fix is needed”.


A fresh study by Citizens Advice found that tenants who had received a Section 21 “no-fault eviction” notice were five times more likely to have gone to their local authority and eight times more likely to have complained to a redress scheme.

A government consultation on proposals to introduce minimum three-year tenancies in the private rental sector closes at the end of the month, and Citizens Advice supports the idea.

It wants three-year tenancies to include limits on rent rises to prevent landlords from effectively evicting tenants through pricing them out, no break clause at six months, and allowing tenants to leave contracts early if the landlord does not uphold legal responsibilities.

Guy commented: “The chance of a family being evicted from their home for complaining about a problem shouldn’t carry the same odds as the toss of a coin.”

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  • David Porter

    46% more likely to be served notice isn't 'almost twice as likely'. It's 'almost half as likely again'. 100% more likely would be 'twice as likely'. CAB's landlord bashing is rather undermined by their inability to do basic maths. Note also that these figures aren't based on any survey, merely CAB's 'estimates'. So, completely made up then! FAKE NEWS.

  • Bill Wood

    '141,000 tenants have been affected' What does 'affected' mean?
    Does it mean evicted?
    Does it mean they read about it?
    Does it mean they heard about it on the radio?

    Such an ambiguous (verging on the misleading) word to use in the report.

  • Bill Wood

    I had to evict an officer of the CAB a few years ago for not paying his rent for 3 months.
    He was a volunteer, so maybe that's why he didn't pay his rent.

  • icon

    I inspect my properties every 3 months for my tenants benefit as much as mine. Any problems or concerns are raised then. Any other time my tenant can text me whats app me email me or phone me. Mobile on 24/7 365 days of the year. All the time they pay my rent on the due date I respond within 24 hours if not immediatly. If they ring up to change a light bulb or replace toliet rolls, I don't respond!! Don't evict Only if antisocial or dont pay rent, very simple, tell them up front on Move In, if they dont like tenancy is torn up and they dont get key, as I said simple, set rules first.


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