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BTL landlord cleared of assault

A buy-to-let landlord who pushed a council employee out of one of his properties in Blackpool has been cleared of assault.

Landlord Asif Hussain was found not guilty of assaulting a man who worked for Blackpool Council after confronting him for not having a warrant to enter his flat.

Hussain, 46, was sent a text by an elderly tenant in May informing him that there was a ‘strange man’ trying to enter her basement-floor flat on Bond Street, FY4.


The landlord responded by visiting the property to confront the man, who claimed to be a Blacpool council employee.

However, without a warrant to enter the property, Hussain decided to deny him access, which led to a scuffle that resulted in the landlord pushing the other man out of the flat

Hussain told the Blackpool Gazette: “Because he didn’t have a warrant I asked him to leave. As far as I knew he could have been a scammer. I didn’t know who he was or where he came from at that point.

“I had asked him to leave and with God as my witness he grabbed the door and refused. I said to him I was escorting him off the property. I was pushing him upstairs while he was pushing down. I managed to sling him out of the front door.”

Hussain was later that evening arrested by police and charged with assault.

But the case has now been thrown out at magistrates without going to trial.

The landlord added: “I’m pleased with the result from the court, but I’m not happy with the police and I’m not happy with the council. I should never have been put in that situation.

“I feel very depressed. I’ve been arrested and taken to court and treated like a criminal, and I didn’t deserve that.”

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