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Council plans to clampdown on rogue landlords

Great Yarmouth Borough Council has vowed to clampdown on rogue landlords who allow tenants to live in poor housing standards in the Nelson Ward by introducing a Selective Licensing Scheme for private landlords in the local area.

Following a consultation period, which closed last month, the council plans to introduce the scheme covering parts of the Nelson Ward, with a view to improving housing and social conditions for private sector tenants in this area, while tackling unethical landlords.

A recommendation report on Selective Licensing has now been published by the council, announcing the scheme will come into effect at the start of next year and run for five years.


Under the proposed scheme, landlords of private rented housing within the local area would be legally obliged to apply for a licence requiring them to meet certain conditions around health and safety and standards.

A standard application fee will be £90, with a reduction to £70 for either an ‘Early application reduced fee’ (an application made within the first three months of designation), or Selective Licence applicants who are accredited by the National Landlords Association (NLA).

There will be financial penalties for landlords who break conditions or simply fail to apply for a licence. 

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    i live around 30 miles from G Y , i don't own any properties there, it's a horrible place. tenants have a right to expect a decent safe home, but what is going to happen to the low life tenants, are landlords with nice properties going to rent to them ? i'm not, is the council going to home them? doubtful, more people sleeping in shop doorways then, G Y council needs to be careful here they could be cooking up a big problem for themselves.

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    My non-paying tenants have just been told by the Council to stay in the property until the bailiffs arrive, at considerable expense to me.
    Most of the properties run by them in my area are in a poor state of repair, so who is the 'rogue landlord' really?
    Also, they are not subject to licensing unlike private landlords in Wales.
    One law for them and another for everyone else.


    Me to my friend. Going to cost me a fortune. This law that councils can tell tenants to stay is wrong and should be changed.

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    Same here. Councils have responsibility to prevent homelessness. Section 21 notice for seeking possession was issued three months ago but the council has not offered any help to rehouse his family so far. Each time he busts the council he is being fobbed off by the council employees after long waits to see them. They are not bothered what happens to them . Unneccessary cost of evicting the tenant falls on the landlords

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    What about mentioning to judge when escalating to high court that the council is defying the courts order and could they take action against them. It would only take one judge to hold a council in contempt and the test would quickly change their attitude

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    I think landlord associations can take up this issue in court on behalf of its member/s

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    The council's need to start with themselves!. The visited me checking how I keep my 3 bed ex council flat in a block of 50 similar flats and the council inspector, fresh out of uni admitted that the rules she was imposing on me did not apply to their own run flats, even though they could have 5 or 6 persons in their flats next to mine. After me paying 5 years of licence fees, this year I don't have to have a licence!!! Are the mad or just plain clueless?? They had the biggest fire in a council block in history, that sad situation speaks volumes of how the council as a landlord have failed.


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