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Labour ‘hell-bent’ on dragging the UK rental sector backwards

Labour’s plans to scrap legislation permitting private landlords to evict tenants without reason has been slammed by a leading letting agency because of the adverse impact it would have on the private rented sector.


The party wants to abolish Section 21 notices, which enables a landlord to provide notice to their tenant to start the process of ending their Assured Shorthold Tenancy.



The proposal has been drawn up by John Healey, the shadow housing secretary, and would see a Jeremy Corbyn-led government change the law so that so-called ‘no-fault’ evictions come to an end.


Healey announced the policy at the party’s conference in Liverpool this week.

The shadow housing secretary also unveiled plans for a £20m fund to set up ‘renters' unions’ to support tenants in disputes with landlords.

But the plans have been panned by Adam Male, director of lettings at Urban.co.uk.


He commented: “These latest initiatives seem hell-bent on dragging the UK rental sector backwards rather than forwards by following suit with the Scottish market in abolishing the Section 21 notice.


“This is yet another attempt to rebalance the scales of the rental market in favour of the tenant and a further attack on the buy-to-let sector which will be detrimental in the long run.


“The plight of UK tenants is one that needs focus, but the focus needs to be on creating a harmonious landscape that works for both tenant and landlord alike.


“The existing government already seems adamant that the issue lies with UK landlords and has made this clear through the continued implementation of restrictive legislation.


“If Mr Healey gets his way, he'll further exacerbate the issues and ironically, won't just be biting the hand that feeds UK tenants, but chopping it off altogether.”

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  • icon

    anyone with half a brain can see Labour’s policies will destroy this country and send us back to the dark ages. If Corbyn ever gets into No10, I’m selling up and leaving the country because there is no point staying where genuine businessman are not wanted.


    Room for another on your travels??

  • James B

    Hey Corbyn is chasing generation rent votes to get in power, he needs to say whatever is necessary to achieve that even if it will backfire on the very same voters
    We have the worst set of politicians we can possibly dream of, they are systematically crashing the rental sector at the expense of tenants to get in power .. why can’t tenants see this.

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    generally a section 21 notice is issued to evict a non paying tenant simply because it is cheaper and quicker than a section 8, ban section 21 and we will have to use section 8, this will also be bad for the tenant because then there will be a record of being evicted for non payment of rent, few if any landlords will touch them then.

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    I had assumed 'Landlord Today' was non-political, but your choice of headline including the word 'Hell-Bent' (a quote by someone no-one has heard of and who clearly would not be an independent commentator) suggests otherwise. Can headlines please be more non-political and balanced? One might say that the socially responsible landlord would not want the right to evict tenants without reason. Leave politics to the political commentators.


    Join the real world! Of course landlords want to keep good tenants, but also want to get rid of the dross as quickly, painlessly and cheaply as possible. As Andrew said above, if they get rid of no fault eviction, then every evicted tenant will have proven faulty and no decent landlord will want to touch them. This is already a reality in the SNP Republic of Scotland and has backfired on decent tenants with rents up 25% over last year.

  • Ian Oliver

    Much as the Left hate private landlords, there is one that they find even worse:
    that is, someone stopping being a private landlord by ending a tenancy.

  • icon

    Council's who are the biggest landlords in tbe UK also caused the biggest fire and single amount of deaths in a tenanted building in the UK.
    This labour clown if a leader will never ever get his circus act of performers into No 10. If in the slightest chance the unthinkable did happen then the UK is lost homeless will increase and civil unrest will occur.
    Commen sence will prevail, let's pray it does!!

     G romit

    sadly, commonsense and politics are not good bedmates. Corbyn will promise anything to win votes and get into No.10 e.g. scrapping and writing off student loans. This Government and the next have no money so only measures that cost nothing directly or ar paid by someone else (e.g. Local Councils) will get through.
    Politicians even Tory ones do not learn that the taxpayer always pays, even when you tax business, or if they do they rely on the ignorance of the public to blame it on to someones else e.g. Landlords

  • icon

    It feels like Politicians are working towards making it illegal to be a Landlord .....

    James B

    They better come up with 10 million homes if that’s the plan

  • Mark Wilson

    Like old times, I have heard of a Landlord who is looking for company let tenants.


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