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Rogue landlords ‘have no place in the market’, says RLA

Councils must do more to root out unscrupulous landlords that give the sector a bad name, according to the Residential Landlords Association (RLA).

The association said it is time local authorities showed strong political leadership and used powers already at their disposal to tackle the ‘rogues’ that have ‘no place in the market’.

The RLA has welcomed the publication of the University of York’s report on private rented housing yesterday.


David Smith, policy director for the RLA, said that all though satisfactions rates are high, according to the English Housing Survey 2016/17, there is still room for improvement.

He commented: “Whilst the government’s own data shows that 84% of private tenants are satisfied with their accommodation, no one should have to face living in sub-standard accommodation.

“With RLA research showing that there are well over 100 Acts of Parliament regulating the sector, the problem is with the enforcement of these laws.

“We are calling on councils to provide the political leadership needed to use the extensive powers they have to find and root out the minority of landlords who are criminals and have no place in the market.”

With concerns about the complexity of the legislation surrounding the market, Smith believes that greater clarity is required to help tenants, landlords and local authorities understand their roles, responsibilities and the powers available to tackle poor housing.

He added: “A root and branch review of all regulations affecting the sector needs to be carried out to understand if they are achieving what was originally intended.

“There is no point passing new laws and regulations if the existing ones are not being enforced properly.”

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    They may 'have no place in the market' but you are not going to get rid of them that easily?
    England, (the most lucrative for rental income in the country) has no rental control agency.
    We have RSW here in Wales , which is frankly a joke, and looking at their record up until now, it is just a way of raising revenue and providing jobs for another department of the Welsh Assembly.
    It is just another expense in a part of the country that has the lowest rental income.
    It is only legitimate landlords that are inconvenienced by it, as those that are 'off the radar' will carry on as usual, renting out substandard properties for undeclared cash, until they are caught, if ever?


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