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Landlords raise almost £2,000 for homeless people in Rugby

Landlords from across the Midlands have helped raise funds for homeless people in Rugby.

Donations made by landlords at the most recent monthly Great Property Meet’s landlord event raised nearly £2,000 for Hope4, a homeless charity that looks after the homeless and badly housed in the Warwickshire region.

BTL landlord Andrew Roberts, who hosted the event, said: “We are group of people who are passionate about property and helping people, it seemed only right to raise money for those who are poorly housed or have no home at all, and it was our intention to help local people directly, which is exactly what the wonderful volunteers at Hope4 work very hard to do.”


Diana Mansell, director of the charity Hope4, said: “This will help 65 homeless people for ten days so is a massive help to the centre and the local community.”

If you would like make a donation to Hope4 or to learn more about the upcoming sleep out in February, click here


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  • Cristian Murazik

    Raise donations for homeless people is generous work. keep it up

  • icon
    • 28 January 2019 11:28 AM

    There are empty homes all over the UK ideal for the homeless.
    Trouble is the homeless REFUSE to move to where there is suitable accommodation.
    Hardly the fault then of anyone else apart from the homeless.
    One reason I would NEVER contribute to a charity.
    Paying for public transport for the alleged homeless to where all these empty properties are would be worth paying for.
    Most of the homeless are homeless through choice.
    Many of them shouldn't even be in the UK.
    Deportation is a far qicker way to resolve most homelessness.
    Charities would do far better to encourage the homeless to live where there are suitable properties.
    Trouble is you can't force the homeless to live where they don't want to be.
    Which is why the homeless will persist as long as they are given the choice where to live.
    It should be the case that those that qualify should be deported to social housing properties where there is a lack of demand.
    Plus if any LL is prepared to take a homeless person on no matter where in the UK that property may be then tbe homeless person should be deported to that property.
    The homeless should NOT be permitted to determine where they should live.
    They should be sent to where there is available and decent accommodation.
    Most of these areas will be outside of cities and consequently not very good for begging from!!!
    Which is why most of the homeless refuse to leave the streets.


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