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Tenants from hell leave property in ‘horrendous’ state

A private landlord in the East Lindsey district of Lincolnshire was left horrified after nightmare tenants left his property in a shocking state.

The tenants, who owe £3,000 in rent, vacated the property unannounced just before Christmas, leaving the property in a dire state, including broken windows, rubbish everywhere, as well as dirty cat litter trays in the shower.

The tenants, who occupied Harris Boulevard property in the seaside town of Mablethorpe, were given a court deadline of December 17 to move out of the property.


The landlord, Aavi Lillepa, told the press: “I’ve been a landlord for many years now - 10 to 15 at least.

“I’ve always been a good landlord. I have a few properties in my portfolio and I’ve never let anyone down.

“When they first moved into the property, it was understood it would be occupied by one parent, a mother, and a child.

“She was very thankful when I handed over the keys.”

But as time went on, the landlord claims that things took a turn for the worse, with as many as five children, two other adults and several pets occupying the property, which was in breach of the tenancy agreement.

Lillepa also claims that he was a ‘soft touch’ when it came to the tenant’s rent arrears, giving her time to catch up.

He added: “I can’t even put into words the filth and mess I found on entering the property.

“It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

“It was the first time I’d been physically able to access the property in months.

“The floor was so littered deeply with rubbish and other items that I had to physically clear a walkway to access through the house.

“I found four dirty cat litter trays in the shower.

“I’ve been quoted £2,500 just to clear the property.

“The most unbelievable thing about the whole situation is that until recently this property was inhabited in this state.

Lillepa told the Louth Leader that he does not feel there are sufficient services in place to support landlords like him.

He commented: “All you seem to hear is that tenants have rights but there must be a cry for help from landlords that isn’t being answered.

“My children’s inheritance is now being spent on fixing this mess. It’s just not on.”

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    What I do now is video the house and put it on YouTube with tenants name. Send all agents in the entire county the url. Has worked very well. I find it amusing when the ex tenant rings yelling


    I think you’ll find you may well be in breach of GDPR regs doing that


    L J please advise who may take action? The outgoing tenant may not want a day in court which would be as effective as L K has done by blabbing his name to the world at his cost. Well done J K action at minimal cost and maximum effect.


    LJ could you be so kind to tell me what gdpr law I have broken please


    Is that not sharing tenant information then ?
    Paul: if it is a breach of tenant personal info would it not be the ICO that would take action? May be worth checking for the future 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • David Lester

    I am not an expert, however why can't you take her to the small Claims Court for the damages, loss of earnings etc. If you win and she doesn't pay make her bankrupht thereby resticiting her of any credit, credit cards and her credit reference. This will ensure that her and others like her will not be able to rent privately or get credit.


    i agree, last time i did that it cost me £60 (tax deductible) to do it online, to my way of thinking worth every penny even if you don't get your money, these sort of low life tenants must not be allowed to walk away and get away with it.


    We had a similar case, won a CCJ but after chasing the tenant through 3 properties, and lots of PI costs to find her, she moved again. We gave up spending good money after bad

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    I've found over the years that young single mums tend to be the worst offenders here, i'm now very reluctant to rent to them .

    • Gary
    • 10 January 2019 09:14 AM

    It is quite sad to categorise like this. But saying that, this has in one shape or form happened to me three times and each time, it was a single Mum with three kids. Moved in as a well referenced employed person and then soon quit work and start shouting their rights not to be evicted when they trash the house and think they have a right to live rent free.


    100% most risky segment to let to. My advise is when you have no choice to always insist on home owning guarantor. Just waiting for Shelter/Labour to complain about this requirentment

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    Andrew Townsend What a ridiculous comment


    lyndsey, you might think so, i speak from experience, ( over 30 yrs as a landlord) truth hurts dear ??


    I had the same, did her a heartfelt favour...cost me £8,000 never again


    There is nothing ridiculous at all in Andrews comment. It’s common sense based on most landlords experience

    John Cart

    I got caught as well, a single mum with two feral children and not forgetting the lowlife boyfriend lurking in the background that you only find out about a couple of months after the tenancy has started and neighbours are complaining about the constant rows and shouting at 2am. We got them out quite quickly, but no more single mums for me either. I escaped quite lightly with "only" £800 worth of damage.


    yes--your comment is ridiculous


    Andrew Townsend my family have been landlords for 3 generations. It’s not a competition love. No truth from you sweetheart. I’ve had many a single mum tenant and they’ve all been great. Perhaps you aren’t a very nice person and are treated as such. Or you are just rubbish at choosing and connecting with tenants. Truth hurts?

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    • 10 January 2019 09:02 AM

    Excellent idea.
    Wish I had done that with the only bad tenant I have had over 25 years......
    Unfortunately that tenant was a housing benefit tenant (against me better judgement)…..And then Government still punishes Landlords.

    The lack of Govt support and understanding will eventually lead t more and more landlords using the law to their defence and benefit rather than trying to be supportive to tenants.

    For me, from here on, I will even be issuing the section 21 notice 3 months before a tenancy end, just to ensure they cannot mess me about at the end of the agreement.


    One bad tenant in 25 years? What are you moaning about? You’ve been very lucky

    Don Holmes

    Be carful David you cannot issue s21 until the 4th month in a 6 month AST

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    You are always going to get bad tenants, but over all, the majority are good tenants. Applies to all walks of life, good & bad. The comments on here are the reason people dislike landlords. I have a large portfolio and my partner has a large business. We both have a minority of bad in both. Get over it.
    You’d all do well to remember there are also some bad landlords out there.

  • icon
    • 10 January 2019 09:09 AM

    I am here to provide housing, not to let theses types of people to rip me off. No matter how lucky I have been.


    You sound a delight.

  • Gary
    • Gary
    • 10 January 2019 09:10 AM

    I’ve been there. Last year I had similar and I took the tenant to small claims for a CCJ. It cost me a fortune in legal fees but did it mainly out of principle in the end. I’ll slowly get the debt back over the next 12 years of weekly minimal payments (hopefully), but landlords have to stand up for what litttle rights they have left.

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    Dont take single Mums first rule of being a landlord with a business to run remember you are not a charity.
    If you have dodgy non paying antisocial filthy tenant as said take photos put together the Free photos album on your mobile and give copy to all local agent also put on Facebook and any other social media you can think of.
    Name shame and inform Councils all Utility companies as well as debt companies that send letters to your property. Be relentless in your efforts to make sure these low life individuals dont get away with it.

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    • 10 January 2019 09:49 AM

    And why does the legal system not support me too. The Housing Benefit person I talk about was ordered by A JUDGE of the Crown to pay me £340 in costs that her actions had caused me. Of course she has never paid me and at the same time has no regard for the Law or the Judge. She literally spat in my face, the Judge and the Law with no repercussions whatsoever. Even the court bailiffs could not get the payments as she was never in her new property whenever they called and they said they could not carry ON GOING.

    In the meantime I took out a CCJ out on her and intend to renew the CCJ every 6 years as long as I live. Just out of principle and because I can. And I will.

    I would have thought that the law would want itself to be made a mockery of. But clearly it does not.

    Next time I break the law, and steel a Kit Kat, I bet 100% they will not le me get away and I will end up behind bars.

    Total idiocy.

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    • 10 January 2019 09:58 AM

    My problem was also with a single mum.....So Lyndsey Jones...….it is common place. My local council told me the very same, that it is their major problem area.

    In any case, I will never rent again to a single mother, or housing benefit crooks.

    The carelessness of the system and indeed the law has made me now to look after myself first. In my instance the first strike of any tenant and they are out. And I let my tenants be aware of that principle at contract time. Never had any issues since I made that 100% clear.

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    That’s the thing Donald we all had to harden up because of this business otherwise we would be bankrupt. Quite often they see kindness as weakness. Law of the jungle

  • icon

    Me too
    Single mum - nice approach but I still asked and got a guantor her brother. She trashed it, moved in the drug fuelled violent boy friend. Rent arrears, fleas damage came to over
    £5000 . Took them to court , judge found in my favour. Guarantor tried to avoid payment so took him to court and again we won the case. Applied for an attachment to his earnings and shamed him into taking out a loan to pay me.
    Result !!!! Now no single mums.
    By the way I am a social welfare worker and a landlord so see both sides

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    Well done Mike Dowling and as a social worker and having had first hand experience we need more guys like you supporting us genuine LLs who do care about our properties our tenants and their neighbours, but run as a business not a charity. Let the charities Shelter and council take on the irresponsible tenants and single mums.
    With all tenancies put in a termination of notice at month 4 giving tenant 2 months notice. Does help in some situations and carry out 2 or 3 monthly Inspections.


    In my role as a welfare worker I always have to view the clients homes and I am often appalled at the state of the property as compared to the rent. Nearly always the tenants are on housing benefit and or have been 'given' their first months rent and bond by the charity they are supported by (cannot tell you which charity though). We the tax payer pay the benefit via the councils but there are no checks that the property is either healthy or even legally habitable. I floated the Property MOT idea past my MP who agreed with the idea but stated that there was no incentive by the councils (except in a few places -Liverpool is one which does) to do so. The money involved is enormous but value for money and healthy, safe housing goes out the window.

    In a previous life I was a serious property agent now retired and now undertake the social side as a pay back ( No I do not have any guilt factor !) to the poor and unwashed (not singles though).

    If there is an avenue via this web site to bring pressure on any agency to implement a rented property MOT I am up for it.

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    s21 can be issued any time?


    For goodness sake join the RLA or NLA. Get some knowledge and stop being unprofessional

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    If you give notice within the tenancy it saves you having to wait a further 2 months after 6 month tenancy has finished. Keep it simple.

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    This Lynsey Jones seems to have a problem with us LLs some of which have over 30 years experience manageing and owning over 100 properties.
    Don't take Uni Credit or Single Mums or unemployed or Anybody who cannot provide a written previous landlords checkout reference, an employer's reference, proof of income, bank statement passport, driving licence, ni number. Checked out guarantor.
    In fact I go further, no curry cooking in excess or Dogs.
    And always but always name and shame those that get through the thorough checking out but trash or leave with rent arreas

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    Share with everybody Bad tenant information, every social media site and All local letting agents. Don't keep any information back on the Bad tenant make sure as best you can that no other unfortunite LL has to deal with these lowlifes.

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    Dont forget whilst he’s in this state and having to spend time fixing it and losing rent the highway robbers ( local council) are charging him council tax from the minute he takes over the property!


    remove the toilet?


    Not if tenant does a runner, they are liable for Council Tax until new tenant moves in providing you had a tenancy still in force for the "runner" tenant. Fact proven.

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    Have you read all the comments on here Ms Jones ? you are a fool dear.

  • icon
    • 10 January 2019 15:59 PM

    If I rent a car and damage it...I pay...and I pay a lot. Much more that the actual damage.

    Rent a car. Or rent a house....where is the difference?

    So how come these wasters and ignorant people think they are entitled to get away with it and with no repercussions whatsoever?

    Worst of all, local authorities and the LAW almost positively encourage them to do it.

    I am sad that the days are gone that the moment / second a rent is not paid on time, that I could personally go round to MY property and throw them and their belongings out in the street.

    We have gone so soft. Just like the country in general.

    I will chase ever single one for the rest of their lives.....Again...because I can...….

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    Private LL's and tenants deserve each other most of the time. Being a 'soft touch' has cost him more than having it properly managed by an agent who would have dealt with it properly from the beginning, including not letting to her in the first place.

  • icon

    Don't fall for it, my experience of agents going back many many many years is, use them for tenant find Only. Arrange your own Inventory through a proper company, carry out regular Inspections every 2 or 3 months and report back findings to tenants and arrange call back within 7 days is necessary. Carry out you own Check Out with tenant present.
    Agents dont carry out Inspections, they dont respond immediatly to
    Don't use an agent other than tenant find and get copies of referencing and I'd. Save your Hard earned money.

    Suzanne Morgan

    I agree. In fact I did all my own vetting contracts and background checks on my tenants . It was fairly routine as they were friends of my previous tenants who were emigrating. I was lucky that there were no problems and my tenants are a wonderful Lithuanian family and keep the place immaculate It is like a game of Russian Roulette with a potential new tenant . I am hoping that they will be long staying but if they do ever give notice then I will leave house unoccupied and just use it for a second home for myself and friends who might want a holiday in Wales.

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    The only bad tenants we had were two little old aged pensioners. They kept ringing us in the night to tell us heating was not working but when husband went to see they had just turned it off. It happened about seven times in one month. They also set off fire alarms regularly and neighbors complained about their domestics. They had rented for six months and cleared all checks. We gave them notice just before four months and luckily they moved out. We always check employment record, past LL and ask to see latest bank account statement. Only had one bad tenant out of about 40. We try to let to families or professional couples if possible.

    luigi kippelwich

    Agreed: I had a pair of grandparents, you would think that safe. Both earning, children all independent, all very friendly. They showed healthy bank accounts, all the paperwork you could dream of. But they were violent, to each other, terrified me (single woman), were nightmares. we had burglaries where burglars smashed windows to 'escape' (really?!) they were rude and aggressive to repairmen. Finally, they split up, both refused to pay rent yet refused to vacate. Now managed to squeeze the woman out - the man had left but visits secretly (may explain the smashed double glazing in rear downstairs kitchen). Managed to change locks - and lo and behold, two days ago, previous key stuffed in new lock, snapped off, than superglued. House 'burgled' over the past couple of nights. I really don't feel safe, yet what can i do? I really need protection for my property from these folk. Yet, the woman has found a new property (without a landlord reference - how did that happen)

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    The point being made here by numerous Landlords, is there is NO process for holding debtors in the Civil justice system to account. ( the Govt. even intend to eventually make Civil Justice, self-funding, and Labour want to give Legal Aid to ALL Housing cases ! )
    When you think that if there was such a ' Bad tenant register ' No Private Landlord would rent to them and they'd fall to the Local Authority ( read Local Govt ) to house, often in Emergency accommodation at greater expense.
    So, not hard to see there's No motivation by Govt to ' Help Landlords ' whether that be by strengthening the Civil Justice system, or making clear the De-Regulation Act over not having issued the Gas certificate BEFORE a tenancy, and consequences of NO future use of Sec 21.
    The previous commentator was right that Landlords should to be a member of a landlord Association ( only 5% are ! ) and Learn the regulations and laws of the business. - I accept it doesn't help by Govt screwing up the drafting, making it unclear, and "Not being that bothered about helping landlords " as the NLA pointed out this week.

  • icon
    • 15 September 2019 16:49 PM

    Appreciate this is an old post but we really need to put to bed the false information that there is NO register of bad tenants.
    It should be easy to find there is in fact such a register.
    EVERYONE in the PRS should know that there is a free register of good and bad tenants.
    If EVERY LL and LA registered their tenants then EVERY LL would be able to communicate with previous LL.
    The site is


    The reason every LA and LL doesn't use this free service is because of vested interests.
    LA in particular have cosy relationships with referencing companies etc.
    LRS is the only company that facilitates network referencing.
    But for this to be totally effective all that has to happen is for all tenants to be registered with LRS.
    There will be good and bad tenants registered.
    In addition to the network referencing LRS also provides thorough referencing.
    Until LL and LA are prepared to register their good and bad tenants then rogue tenants will prosper.
    Hopefully this post has now addressed the fact that there is a list of GOOD and BAD tenants.
    Just use the damn service!!!

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    Single Moms are single for a reason the Government and the Law don't want them to be married or have a partner. Which is why they are single Moms , stay married & get nothing or split up everything is free, Housing, Schools, Clothing Uniforms queuing down Wembley, High Street, Vouchers filling the shopping trolley, Children Allowance, push chairs, discounted Council Tax, etc. They all wants to be on the Council , this is the root cause of Council problems not being able to cope, but they are all too cowardly to tell the truth or change system whether housing or Benefit because now there are too many of them. They would rather blame the Landlord when its not his fault, that's a lot more acceptable also blame Section 21 which is not the cause just a Symptom and getting rid of it don't solve anything just a means of Local Authority transferring the problem to us avoiding their responsibility instead of dealing with the problem. Supposing the law said everyone should have a partner to qualify housing & benefit then they would all have a partner, they are not stupid if its free they will all have it and quite happy so long as they don't have to do anything. I know the Culture well its a bit like National Health Service if its free you'll never have enough. There was a lady on TV this morning discussing her livelihood and rearing her children & how difficult it is, she was never asked about the Father of the kids or if he made any contributions but now she is pregnant again by another Man. Stop blaming the LL who has provided quality affordable accommodation to Private rented Sector for decades at no cost to the tax payer, if Government wants to waste taxes its a matter for them.

  • icon
    • 15 September 2019 19:14 PM

    Indeed the taxpayer has been paying for fecklessness for decades.
    Perhaps welfare should be changed to offer incentives for those who choose to live as the family units they actually are.
    As you suggest single mothers can make more profit by alleging they are single.
    The welfare system just can't seem to get to grips with the high amounts of welfare that is expended on these single mothers..
    About time DNA of every baby was taken.
    In about 17 years there will be many single mothers.
    DNA taken from the 17 year old father will detect them and their liability for their child for the next 18 years of the child's life.

  • icon

    I think we have all been there and experienced the single mums as tenants and watch how they milk the system, strict rule now ''NO SINGLE MUMS'' leave them to councils or housing assocs, they are just not worth the bother.


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