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Landlords in Glasgow offered free tenancy deposits and disputes training

With 543 disputes having arisen between landlords and tenants in the Glasgow postcode area in the last 12 months, SafeDeposits Scotland, which provided the data, has announced that it is to offer landlords in the local area free training into managing tenancy deposits and disputes.

The deposit protection provider found that the average amount that tenants and landlords in the city disagreed over deductions to the deposit at the end of a tenancy was £370 and that disputes in Glasgow accounted for more than a quarter - 26% - of all tenancy disputes north of the border. 

The most common reason for the tenancy deposit disputes was attributed to cleaning, which was cited in 25% of cases within the G postcodes.


The workshop, which will be aimed at those who have not received previous training on adjudications, will be held at The Lighthouse at 11 Mitchell Lane over two days, on 29 and 30 October, from 2pm to 4pm.

Paula Guthrie, adjudication account manager at SafeDeposits Scotland, commented: “As well as protecting tenancy deposits, SafeDeposits is committed to providing guidance and raising standards in the private rented sector. These courses will help landlords and agents around Inverness better understand the principles of adjudication and in turn help them to protect their investments.

“Some landlords and letting agents make errors at the beginning of tenancies which can cause problems at the end of the lease agreement. The private rented sector is always evolving, so these courses are a great way to keep up to date with best practice and new legislation.”


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    These courses are not free. They are funded out of the interest on deposits which landlords used to be able to earn until the new totally unnecessary deposit schemes became law. Our lost deposits interest also funds a number of high salaries carrying out a totally unnecessary function which as this evidence shows has not eliminated disputes due to landlords trying to recoup the costs incurred when tenants leave properties needing substantial cleaning and refurbishment.

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    I don’t know why they invented Deposit disputes, it was never as bad before they started all this unnecessary work load & increased costs. The amount of hassle and time wasting it created made it not worth having a Deposit which is why I don’t take anymore. It only serves to drive a wedge between LL & Tenant which it seems to me is what Regulators want. I hear so much Training us & Courses by the dozen just learn what they invented mostly an incumbrance upon LL’s. I have been doing it for over 40 years & now they decided they must show me how to do it, talk about teaching your Granny how to suck eggs, maybe they weren’t born. I know I was a better LL in years gone by because they keep putting more obstacles obstructing me from doing my duties. The more red tape in any business the less efficient it becomes. Keep it simple then it’s efficient & cost effective. We could spend every day now dealing with paperwork that has been invented in recent years, all by people from outside the private rented Sector. I suppose we need training to deal with it.

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    • 15 October 2019 22:39 PM

    Does Scotland not have an insurance based deposit scheme like mydeposits in England!?

    Why would a LL allow anyone else to hold the deposit!?

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    Some great Landlords & Wonderful Tenants in the main. They are our friends & Customers, stop trying to make us enemies of each other, there’s enough trouble in the World.


    I have 16 great tenants at present, we are all on first name terms and get along just fine, but don't we have to be so very careful when vetting prospective tenants, the days of taking a risk with a new tenant are long gone, no room for rotten apples now.

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    • 15 October 2019 23:28 PM

    The PTB like discord between LL and tenants as it suits their political agenda of retaining LL as their whipping boy.

    It is to their way of thinking always advantageous to have a political football that the public will like seeing being kicked around.

    LL fit that bill perfectly as far as the PTB are concerned.
    So expect more of the same!


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