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Do you rely on Google to provide home maintenance and renovation advice?

Home maintenance and renovation are without a doubt some of the biggest responsibilities of owning a property, especially for buy-to-let landlords, but with the cost of hiring professionals often rather high, it would appear that a growing number of people are taking on tasks themselves. 

Fresh research shows that many people, including landlords, are using the internet to gain relevant knowledge and information on ‘how to’ undertake home maintenance and renovation tasks. 

Interested in DIY, Sell House Fast derived search engine data from analytics tool SEM rush to discover the average amount of times per month Brits are turning to Google to find out ‘how to’ carry out some of the most common property maintenance and renovation jobs (26 in total).


The research found that ‘How to bleed a radiator?’ is the most searched online at 18,100 times per month, while Brits are Googling ‘how to unblock a toilet?’ 12,100 times every month

‘How to defrost a freezer?’, ‘how to lay laminate flooring?’, ‘how to wallpaper?’ and ‘how to unblock a sink?’ are each being searched 5,400 times every month. 

There were 4,400 searches for ‘How to plaster a wall?’ and 3,600 searches for ‘How to wire a light switch?’ 

It would appear that a number of people are unsure about their household’s energy usage - with 2,900 monthly online searches for ‘how to read electric meter?’ and 2,400 monthly online searches for ‘how to read gas meter?’. 

There were also 2,400 searches for ‘How to hang a picture?’ 1,900 searches for ‘How to fix a leaking tap?’, ‘How to unblock a drain?’, ‘How to clean grout?’, and ‘How to lay carpet?’. 

In addition, there were 1,600 searches for ‘How to tile a floor?’, ‘How to paint furniture?’, ‘How to put up a curtain pole?’, along with 1,000 searches for ‘How to grout?’.

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