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Labour vows to ‘put bad landlords out of business’ and introduce rent controls

Labour has pledged to clampdown on rogue landlords and restrict rent hikes in England if it wins next month’s general election. 

A Labour government would not allow private landlords to increase rents beyond the national rate of inflation, while unscrupulous operators would be fined for letting out substandard housing. 

The party has also reaffirmed its commitment to introduce ‘open-ended’ tenancies, along with a ‘private renters’ charter’ that would see landlords face an annual ‘property MOT’, with hefty fines of up to £100,000 and forced repayment of rent if their properties are found to be inadequate. 


According to Labour,  private renters collectively pay more than £10bn a year in rent to landlords letting out below standard homes, with the party claiming that around a quarter of private rented properties in England are classed as ‘non-decent’. 

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: “Labour will be on the side of tenants and take on dodgy landlords who have been given free rein for too long.

“Real change means taking on those who exploit the housing crisis to charge eye-watering rents for substandard accommodation.

“Labour will put power in the hands of tenants with our new charter of renters' rights, a cap on private rents and funding for renters unions to support tenants to organise and defend their right to safe and secure housing.”


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    “Labour will be on the side of the tenants “ Well I think that says it all. And why anybody who owns anything should vote for anyone but Labour

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    This just goes to show that Corbyn has a complete lack of understanding of the PRS. 'Dodgy landlords' as he calls them can already be dealt with by the council and through the courts.

    What is he going to do about dodgy tenants? The tenants who don't pay the rent or damage the property.

    Regarding rent increases being restricted to inflation. Is he going to do the same with council tax? I didn't think so. I have tenants where I haven't increased the rent for 5 years. If I applied Corbyn's logic every year the tenants would end up paying substantially more than they do now.

    This is of course a moot point because he won't get anywhere near number 10 thank goodness!


    You are right and if Labour get in, I will be applying that inflation increase religiously.
    I have tenants where I haven't raised the rent for ten years, all that will change if Labour get in, as my costs will rocket with all the barmy legislation they propose to introduce.

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    Marxist Comrade Corbyn has no understanding of the PRS and have been resposible for selling off much of the affordable council houses, along with the Tories, causing the current housing crisis. Furthermore they have taken no action againt terrible tenants who wreck property, dont pay their rents, sublet and leave behind thousands of pounds of unpaid council tax, utility bills and rent. Presumably the labour party want to help these people and get their votes because they are so desperate. Corbyn and co need to watch the program on tv called 'Slum landlords and difficult tenants, to help them understand what really goes on in the PRS.

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    We don't need to worry if Corbyn gets into power. He will build us all a new house with free broadband and other beautiful benefits. We don't need to put up with this rubbish anymore, tenants trashing our places, stress and headache. Corbyn will take care of all with freebies galore.

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    We all want rid of dodgy landlords who can undercut the majority of decent landlords. That is apart from the dodgy tenants who can't rent anywhere else as decent landlords want to give priority to decent tenants. Are Corbyn and McDonnell going to let out the many spare rooms in Nos 10 and 11, along with their current homes which will become vacant if they get elected? Fortunately we're very unlikely to see how this would pan out for real.


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