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Scottish landlords remain confident in long-term prospects of PRS

Despite the political and economic uncertainty, SafeDeposits Scotland has found that the vast majority of landlords north of the border remain confident in the PRS. 

The not-for-profit tenancy deposit protection scheme surveyed its landlord members last month and found that 88.57% could see themselves continuing as a landlord ‘for the foreseeable future’.

Some recent reports have suggested that buy-to-let landlords are leaving the market in droves, but SafeDeposits Scotland’s survey found that seven out of 10 landlords - 69.81% - have not considered and have no intentions of selling their rental property within the next 12 months.


What’s more, 90% of those surveyed had rented their properties for three or more years.


More than two thirds (70%) of respondents do not consider themselves to be full-time landlords, using the income from their private tenancies to supplement wages or using rent money to cover mortgage costs.

Ian Potter, chairman at SafeDeposits Scotland, commented: “Despite uncertainty in the economy, Scottish landlords remain committed to providing much-needed accommodation in the private rented sector.

“Landlords’ confidence in the Scottish private rented sector is well-placed as it continues to grow. There’s a balance to be struck between supply and demand and currently the Scottish market seems to be in relative equilibrium.

“Organisations like SafeDeposits Scotland help make the private rented sector a more attractive prospect for tenants and landlords alike, by providing an impartial, government-backed protection service.”

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    Just because we're sticking with it doesn't mean we have confidence in the Scottish PRS! It's just that we have realised that anti landlord legislation now in place in Scotland has helped rents to grow faster than ever before but "confident" is not what we are.

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    The other side of this survey is that 30.19% ( nearly a third) ARE considering selling up in the next year. That hardly shows overwhelming confidence and would be a disaster for the many decent tenants who won't be able to buy any of these properties that might come on the market. A very one sided article from the mob living off the deposit interest that used to go to landlords!


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