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Have you sent your tenants Christmas cards this year?

Many private landlords like to give Christmas cards to their tenants and some are even generous gift-givers, but are you? 

Research shows that a number of private landlords intend to buy their tenants a present or card this Christmas, with planned gifts including chocolates or sweets, wine and even toys for tenants’ children.

But somewhat alarmingly, while many landlords are likely to send a Christmas card, significantly fewer are planning to offer their tenants any safety advice over Christmas, which is generally a period of heightened risks.


From 2014 to 2016, the number of Christmas burglaries leapt by 20% from 5,222 to 6,278, whilst charity Electrical Safety Firsts reports that there is generally a spike in house fires over the festive season.

A sudden cold snap, or down pour, can also cause damage – a good reason to ensure landlords know if tenants are going to be away for any period of time.

Therefore it is important that you stay in touch with your tenants ahead of the Christmas fortnight, if only to help them avoid the heightened risk from burglary, fire and flood over the holiday period.

As a landlord, you may wish to consider providing a safety checklist in any Christmas or New Year’s card you are planning to give your tenants.


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Poll: Will you be giving your tenants Christmas cards this year?



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    Free safety advice to tenants. Use common sense and act like grown ups!


    Most of my tenants are o k , but you always get the odd one.

    John Cart

    The 'elf and safety Nazi's have ensured that common sense is in very short supply these days.

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    Robert you are right no doubt. This is just more meddling and interference , we reared our Family, when they get to 16 they are making life decision but you still want to see them as 5 year old's. Shelter has taken over our role with How to Rent as if the Tenant is going to read it.

  • Neil  Hayward

    I have lost count of the exit inspections I have carried out to find batteries missing from smoke detectors ... some people are incapable taking responsibility for there own safety .


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