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Man who sublet hundreds of properties to criminal gangs jailed

A man who rented hundreds of properties that he sub-let to criminal gangs running brothels and cannabis farms has been jailed for seven years and four months.

Chinese national Feng Xu used several fake identities to secure accommodation, according to the National Crime Agency (NCA). 

Feng was arrested in Birmingham in May as part of a major investigation into modern slavery and human trafficking.


He had previously admitted 22 fraud, false identity and money laundering offences at Birmingham Crown Court.

The 43-year-old was described by investigarors as a "prolific operator" and an "important enabler" for different criminal networks involved in prostitution, drug production and housing illegal immigrants.


Feng, who ran his network for more than three years at his home in Birmingham, paid out more than £4m in rent.

One computer database listed 446 different addresses that Feng had been involved in renting, investigators said.

Matt Rivers, branch commander at the NCA, commented: "Using numerous false identities and false documentation he was able to supply hundreds of different properties across the UK.

“We believe that taking him out will have caused significant disruption to a number of different organised crime groups involved in sex trafficking and drug production."

Feng, who has lived in the UK illegally for almost 20 years, will face deportation after serving his sentence.

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    will face deportation--it should be automatic with no appeal

    also how come he escaped the notice of the border farce for 20 years? did he enter on a visa? if so presumably it was time limited? then he should have been picked up as soon as the visa expired.

    some estimate there are 25 million illegals in UK

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    'some estimate there are 25 million illegals in UK'
    UK poplulation is about 66 M.
    So 1 in 3 is illegal.
    So in governement we have one 3rd illegals
    I was right! Boris is Illegal.
    There right agin.

  • Bill Wood

    You must admit he was a master businessman. He would have done well as a employee of some corporation, BT or NHS or BA.

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    I hope the authorities have got his Chinese passport otherwise the Chinese might not want him back

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    Terry Sullivan,
    I agree.
    It should be automatic deportation for criminals, terrorists, illegal immigrants.

    This is exactly what the British public voted for. Boris Johnson has been trying to implement, despite opposition by people like John Major and other undemocratic Europhile Remainers making U.K. a laughing stock, allowing these criminals to operate here instead of deportation.

    Just like the terrorists-these criminals will breed the crime in others prisons minds, only increasing the numbers of people in their gangs-protected by Blair’s legal team funded by John Smith/Miller/Branson/Soros et all.

    Support Boris in bringing in new law’s for an immediate deportation of criminals even if born or lived here for long period, along with their families, supporters, associates, lawyers, media owners protecting them, journalists, political and business leaders etc.


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