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Most tenants want landlords to take on responsibility for basic amenities

There is growing uncertainty over where the responsibilities of private sector tenants and their landlords meet, according to a study by a major broadband and utilities provider. 

While a landlord is legally responsible for things like property repairs and safety in terms of gas, fire and electrical appliances, among other important issues, it would appear that a growing number of younger tenants expect their landlord to go above and beyond and take on greater responsibility for basic amenities, based on the research by Glide. 

The company surveyed 1,000 tenants either currently renting a property, or who have previously, to find out which issues they expect their landlords to be responsible for dealing with.


The study found that one in seven - 14% - renters expect landlords to step in to resolve arguments over bill payments, and 34% of under-25s would call their landlord to change a lightbulb, despite the fact that this is generally an obligation of the tenant unless specified otherwise in the terms of each individual rental agreement.

Almost a quarter of tenants - 23.2% - said that they even tend to leave a dispute over parking up to the owner of the premises to resolve.

What’s more, over one in five - 21.9% - tenants believing their landlord should be responsible for fixing their Wi-Fi.

Richard Price, sales director of Glide Shared Living, commented: “Being a landlord comes with its fair share of responsibilities and a duty of care for the tenant, but increasing demands from occupants has led to the lines becoming blurred in terms of exactly what is and isn’t under a landlord’s remit.

“As such, it is easy to see why there can be a number of demands across the UK that landlords perceive as unreasonable, and so it is more important than ever for both parties to receive clarity about which issues will be addressed by who in the terms of the rental agreement.”

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  • James B

    What a pointless survey .. ask a load of rentflakes what they would like their landlords to do for them ...

  • John Cart

    Errr…. They signed an AST, not taken up a suite in the Dorchester.

  • icon

    Sounds like this is a survey of HMO tenants. They have a lot less involvement with the running of the property so yes they call the landlord for every little thing. My single let tenants just get on with it, I wouldn't step in to solve any of the basic issues in this article.

  • icon

    "34% of under-25s would call their landlord to change a lightbulb"

    And these people are being allowed to vote?


    And Labour probably?


    yes--and labor and snp want 16 year olds to vote--i personally think 25 should be minimum age

  • icon

    "Ah, you'll be wanting the Platinum Plus AST Fully Managed Service... That'll be an extra £200 per month..... Still interested in me fixing your WiFi and light bulbs?"

  • icon

    I'm afraid that I don't believe the survey results. I wonder who they sampled?????

  • icon

    As Martin says above, I'm pretty sure this would be a survey of HMOs tenants rather than single household lets. If all your tenant pays for is a room in shared house then it's reasonable to expect that issues concerning utilities and problems in common areas are handled by the landlord.


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